I need a snack for preschool kids that starts with "U"

Friday is “U” day at my son’s preschool. We got saddled with the task of bringing in a snack that starts with that day’s letter. Is there any fairly simple, preschool friendly snack that start with the letter ‘u’?

Uncooked carrots.



Uncooked anything works, I suppose, but I think preschoolers would only see carrots and think it was ‘C’ day.

Upside-down cupcakes? with the goodies in the bottom?

Hey, finally something in my subject-matter-expert field.



Upside Down Cake–Keep it in the pan and release it in front of them.

that was my first thought as well, but they had pretzles on “P” day already, so this may be a bit confusing as well.

They make potato chips and cheesy poofs and such too, though.

I’ve found these at the grocery store on occasion:
Ugli Fruit

They are kind of like a sweeter grapefruit/tangerine. They can be a little juicier than you’d expect, but they are delicious. I’m not sure when they are in season though.

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Make cookies in the shape of umbrellas. It is April, after all.

Turns out they had potato chips on P day. I think we’re going with Utz after all, after looking at what was brought in for some of the other letter days. The bar is, apparently, not set too high.

Now what’s the poor fellow who has Z day going to bring in?

Some sort of pasta dish

Ziti with zucchini and zebra meat?

Zoo crackers, probably.

Can you give preschoolers unpasteurized milk these days?

Do they still make Zagnut bars? I guess they could work, but I’m not sure if they still exist.

This was a great idea.


Horsemeat, but tell the kids it’s unicorn.