I need career advice

I’ve always sucked at careers and need help.

I have a BS in biochemistry. The problem is many jobs in my field are either tied to manufacturing (which is undergoing a lot of job loss) or are made up of permatemp jobs.

Plus I’m starting to develop nerve damage in my legs, so any jobs that requires tons of walking is something I can’t do much anymore. Desk jobs are still OK. But I don’t think I can walk 10,000 steps a day at work.

So what should I do? Should I get a masters in something? An associate in a medical field? Look into medical technologist jobs?

I wouldn’t recommend getting a master’s unless you already know what you want to do with it, which it sounds like you don’t.

I’d look into working or a Pharmaceutical company or Medical Diagnostics, I’m in the latter and I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk. Damn technicians get all the fun lab work.

Have you considered the sales department of a pharmaceutical company?

What have you done since graduation? That’s going to shape your options more than your degree.

What other skills do you have? Can you program?

Have you considered becoming a patent agent? I’d think agents with a biochemistry background would be in demand.


I saw a documentary about a guy in Albuquerque who transitioned from chem teacher to self employed chemist working out of his house. He had health issues as well that started it all. He ended up making a lot of money. I can’t remember his name. I’ll see if I can find it :slight_smile:

What about becoming a medical tester? You might have to go back to school for that. I think they mainly sit at a desk testing health samples all day. A chem degree is probably overkill, but it could give you a leg up over the other applicants.

If you can’t get a job at your current level, consider getting an into-level position in a company that has a path upward. So do something like be a low-level sample tester in a company which employs chemists as well. So rather than being a tester at a small drug testing clinic which has no promotion path, get an entry-level job at a large testing company. A large company will also have low-level people, but there will be a path to go from junior tester all the way up the head of the chemistry dept.

Yeah, I remember that one. I wouldn’t recommend his path. Took a huge toll on his family. If I recall, he ended up working himself to death.

Worked as a lab technician in the QC lab in a manufacturing plant, and worked as a registration chemist for a major pharmaceutical company.

I think they hire attractive young women for those jobs. I don’t think I’d qualify.