I need help identifying this logo or symbol please

I’m not sure what this symbol is and it’s hard for me to describe. I couldn’t draw it in paint very well at all, but I made an approximation. Thisimage is kinda close but instead of two “arms” there are three equally spaced. I have no idea why but it reminds me of a bike part or something from the 90’s.

Anyone know what this is? I saw it on a bumper sticker if that helps.

Was it a triskelion? That’s the symbol of the isle of Man, among other things.


With 3 arms it would like a 45rpm record adapter insert.

Seconded - that’s the first thing I thought of too.

Perhaps they’re Klingons. Sorry, I can’t see the imgur site due to the prudery sensors at work. Also, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation uses the same three-armed curvy thing. Coincidence? I think not.

Same here.



There was a similar pinwheel patch used in the US Army Air Force during WWII.


The triskelion is also used by some neo-Nazi groups as a truncated swastika:


A quick search for “bicycle brand logos” doesn’t turn up any triskelion-type figures that I can see.

As an aside, there’s a commercial for some retirement program that goes “If you’re over fifty, you probably recognize these…” One of the things they show is a neon-green 45-rpm record adapter. I asked my daughter (age 20 at the time) if she knew what it was. She said, “Some kind of symbol?”

The thing I saw was slightly more minimalized but that has to be it.

Muchas gracias!

The triskelion, BWT, is an old heraldic charge sometimes used on coats of arms, that of Man being perhaps the best known:


That’s actually more precisely the official logo of the AWB (Afrikaner Resistance Movement) I hear some American groups have adopted the logo, but it’s originally the AWB’s. While Wiki characterises the AWB as Neo-Nazis, that doesn’t really fit in the South African context - more like plain old White Power, Apartheid and anti-Black.

Why would it be on a bumper sticker?

Apparently the TV show Teen Wolf uses a triskelion symbol in it somewhere.

If you looked really close, was it actually the cover of a Black Crowes Album?
That picture is common enough that people associate it with the band.

If you were in Wisconsin it’s the logo for a particular style of a certain brand’s beer (longshot, I know).

Neither of those? Someone (hipsters!) just thought it was a cool picture, but I’m going with the Black Crowes thing.

I’ve seen the 45 adapter used graphically as a nostalgia symbol, especially among vinyl enthusiasts. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on a bumper sticker, given how easy it is to have short-run graphics made online today.

Interestingly (or not) if you cut off the bottom 25% of your two armed image it looks a little like a bike derailleur part.

Well, it does exist in both sticker and tee shirt form. I would assume a vinyl enthusiast, DJ, or hipster myself.

That makes sense.