I need help with fake boobs

Not really sure where to put this thread. It could be CS as this is for a stage play costume.

One of the characters in an upcoming play I’m the stage manager for (and co-author of) has a character who has very large breasts.

For some reason it has been decided that I need to build them? Should I buy a large bra and then sculpt foam?

Any ideas? Socks will not do.

can’t you get a ringer for the role?

According to the movie Now and Then you should use balloons filled with pudding for realistic fake boobs.

I’ve seen people use an oversized bra and water ballons in an amateur skit. I have also seen grapefruit and pantyhose, but those are for the comical “pendulous” effect.

You could just buy them.

For example, (slightly NSFW):
http:/ /www.costumeshopper.com/prods/fm25783.html

Though I like johnpost’s suggestion the best.

If your actress has anything close to a decent rack, you can use duct tape* to wrap around her back and across the bottom of her boobs to make what she’s got look bigger, give more cleavage.

*OK, if the actress is not a raging bitch, you can also use ACE bandage, which is equally effective, less painful, and reusable. Of course, if she IS a raging bitch, there is an object lesson about not pissing off one’s backstage crew to be taught here…

The role is cast for her acting ability. (which is superb)

I wonder how you get the pudding in the balloons?
She isn’t a raging bitch. She is a lesbian and won’t have sex with me, which really sucks because she is hot, and very flexible. (and she’s a cool person too)

You’d need to force it in. How about a pastry bag?

Just don’t let go. I have this image of the balloon fluttering all over the room, spewing pudding everywhere! :eek:

  • A hot, flexible lesbian with fake boobs; now there’s a new idea for a porno flick. :smiley:

I think the Pudding Balloon Boobs are opening for the Flexible Lesbians next week.

These folks sponsored a prize on an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race*:


I have no experience with their products and this post should not be considered an endorsement by me, but the contestants seemed genuinely excited at the prospect of winning them.

Available streaming via Netflix. Yes, I will watch just about anything.

When I was in high school I was playing a sort of Marilyn Monroe-esque bimbo character in a school play, and being a late bloomer in the chest department I wanted a little help filling out my costume. We wound up cutting some prop rocks (made of some sort of spongy foam) into the appropriate shapes.

I was fully expecting to get a big laugh when I walked out onstage, since I was a skinny teen and my “boulders” appeared to be fully twice their natural size. I was a bit surprised not to hear even a giggle, and later learned that a number of people in the audience had actually been thinking “Wow, I had no idea Lamia was so stacked!” (This being the '90s I normally wore XL t-shirts, so I suppose my real figure was something of a mystery to others.) Anyway, the effect was apparently pretty realistic!

Use a funnel. Pour instant pudding powder into the balloon. Then pour the approprate amount of milk. Mix. Pudding balloon.

I think I know what’s showing up in Weird Earl’s list tomorrow.

If the actress is not flat chested, you might ask her to find a padded bra and inserts (available at any department store). Then just pay her back for them. Conventional methods should be able to add at least a couple of cup sizes.

The desired effect is for ridiculous boobs. Not realistic. I remembered this morning that a comic drag queen I used to know used nerf footballs. (cut in half) Thanks for the suggestions.
Boobs for Queens Great site. but $700 dollars is a bit pricey.

Apparently not that flexible.

nerf balls would work.

Pfft. If she won’t have sex with you, she’s a bitch. :smiley:

Pudding boobs not so great if they are supposed to be “hot & sexy” boobs. They’re sort of… dangly.

Also less than good if there’s going to be any horsing around - pudding down the front is… um… uncomfortable, and really visible. Depending on pudding color, also unfortunate.

For realistic huge boobs, use about three layers of pantyhose filled with birdseed. Not the black sunflower seeds, but the little granular white ones. Give actress/actor lots of painkillers beforehand, and super-strong undergirding and shoulder straps to help support the weight, or their back will hate you by the end of the run.

For less-realistic huge boobs, go get a bra that fits the actor, and another huge-ass cup-sized bra (remember that your cup size should be the only thing changing here).
Put the former inside the latter, and see how much space you’ve got to fill. If you’ve got less than about 3-4 inches distance between the front of the bra that fits and the inside of the huge-cups, then foam will work well. Fabric stores will have foam for seat cushions that works great. Start with a cutlet-shaped hunk that is as wide as you want the biggest part to be, and start whittling it down, then set it in place for each boob. Voila!

If you’ve got more than 4 inches space, you’re going to need some structure in there, so you’re going to have to make some re-bar foam, essentially, so it doesn’t move around in unfortunate ways. I would suggest a combination of upholstery foam, button thread, and a superlong upholstery needle, and then some electrician’s tape or foam glue. Basically, you want to use the thread to connect the quadrants of the foam with the underlying bra, so they move together (don’t pull the thread too tightly or you get unfortunate dimples), and you want to use the foam glue to make sure that the foam itself is firmly attached to both interior bra (for connection to the actor and their movements) and the exterior bra (for… you know, not having foam boobs hanging out all over the place).

Alternatively, if you feel less-inclined to sculpt foam boobs into the correct shape, and you have a dress form or clothing dummy available, then go get that expanding ‘crack sealing’ foam. Take the smaller and larger bras and connect them to each other with something fairly rigid and easily removed later (think drinking straws or coffee stirrers). Use pantyhose to create a “floor” and "ceiling"at the bottom between the inner and outer bras, and over each “boob.” Plaster your dummy or dress-form in cling-wrap and put on the bra contraption. Spray interior with foam (probably easiest to do from interior cleavage and then let it expand up into the boobs. You’ll need to use much less of the aerosol than you think you will - it expands a LOT. You’ll still have to file off the edges from where it seeps out the pantyhose, but a rasp gets it down real quick, as does a hot-knife (that will stink) or a plain old whittling knife.

PLEASE for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT USE YOUR ACTOR AS A DRESS FORM FOR THIS PROCESS. That shit gets HOT when it does its thing.

I have totally never made fake boobs for anyone. At all. I promise.

The way I’ve seen it done for paint balloons is stick the liquid (pre-set pudding or paint) in a rigid bottle, blow up the balloon and stick it on the neck, and then invert the the bottle.