I need money for college ideas?

Ok I have filled out all the paper work but my family is border line on to poor and to rich. Basicaly I need money to move down there and live off of while I find a p/t job.

I have one grant for 3 thousand some odd dollars and a loan for 4 thousand some odd dollars. and its 11 thousand a year. I am going to see if I can get more loans. I am working but all that money is going to living now, food clothes and other what not.

Basically I need ideas, I might take an add out in the paper for a job or money for a needy college student, or something along those lines.

thanks for any ideas ahead of time!

coast guard

that kinda thing.

I have athsma so I have checked that out.

When looking for money, you need to be proactive.

putting an add in the paper stating that you NEED money, will only solicit weirdos.
Real employers don’t have to flip thru the papers to find employees, so that would be a waste of your time and $$.

This is gonna sound something like a flame…but you should really consider staying at home, going to a local community college and working on your language skills while working part time. I did a quick search of your posts, and they made me wince. I don’t think that you’re really ready for college level courses.