I Need This Today By COB or What Are You Working On?

We’ve got a very diverse group of folks here on the SDMB. Computer geeks, writers, students, attorneys, doctors, soilders/sailors, engineers…like I said - a diverse bunch.

So what is it you’re supposed to be working on right now? What task are you putting off so that you can respond to this thread?


I’m in the middle of writing a memorandum outlining a process for collecting, evaluating and tracking watershed management plans.


i’m a graduate architect and i’m supposed to be fixing all these stone details in our set. the airspace between the stone veneer and the cmu block got increased by one inch. so i have to go through and basically move everything on the exterior of the building. it’s so damn boring i can’t work for more than 30 minutes a stretch, so i liberally break for the sdmb.

I just finished a set of speaking notes for an appellate oral argument scheduled for Tuesday and putting off reviewing a stack of equitable distribution orders. Since the depositions I’m supposed to attend on Thursday and Friday have been cancelled, I have no guilt about this.

I’m actually done with the stuff I was supposed to do today – capture text screen grabs from Word - copy to Fireworks & the export as gifs. Drop them into the appropriate Dreamweaver webpages & upload the whole shebang to the dev server.

Next phase of the project involves Flash - so I should be using my spare time to learn it… any recommendations for sites for a Flash newbie?

I’m in the middle of writing financial reports in Oracle right now.

*&^%$ row sets and column sets! Ack!

I discovered that the original reports we’re using right now were written by an outside consultant. I’ve never had any FSG training and I’m muddling through.

I’m thinking about sending in an invoice when I’m done. :wink:

Characterizing Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) across three populations vs. a reference. Also training two new employees on how to do same and setting up a new lab in a new state while trying to adjust to life on the West Coast.

I’m done with what was due today. Now I am back to dissertating. My dissertation was due yesterday. I’m having problems with Chapter three.

But today’s work task was creating some spreadsheets showing, week by week, how many students sent in enrollment deposits, how many cancelled their deposits, and how that jibed with our actual fall enrollment. The admissions office runs reports like this, but their formulas only provide a net figure (deposits minus cancels). I’m the only one who is adept at doing a line-by-line person match so I can do gross deposits and gross cancels. I did that for the Fall 2001 class, the Fall 2000 class, and the Fall 2002 class up to this point. We’re trying to figure out if we’re overenrolled and need to play hardball by refusing late deposits, or whether we’ll be fine, or whether we may be low and will let some people off the waitlist.

And I updated my spreadsheet showing which colleges within the university were still admitting a few students. Which got a few of them in trouble, I think. LOL

That’s what I did for a 3 pm meeting.