I need to be excused

Hi, it’s me - usually poster # 39 or higher in the MMP. Ummmm, I could tell you the truth, which is that I have to work tomorrow for a change so I can’t post in the usual prompt manner. Or I could make up some excuses like:

the dog ate my computer
I lost the mouse
my sick aunt’s nephew’s cousin needs me
I have really bad diarrhea
I laughed at someone’s post and blew Dr. Pepper thru my nose and now my
monitor is unusable
I have brain freeze from a blue Slurpee
the vernal equinox has rendered me an idiot without fingers to type
the dog pooped out the computer he ate, then ate the poop

Please, someone tell me that I’ll be missed. I suppose wishing for my post to be visited by Rue is just asking for disappointment. But anyone, anyone???

I’ll miss you.

Sorry about the dog and the computer… :smiley:

“Mr. Osborn, my brain is full.”

A blue Slurpee? :eek: Oh, man…

Hey, no biggy. You can pull a double shift sometime next week.

When I was working 3rd shift, the only place open for lunch at 2:00am was the bar around the corner. Once, I called in sick to work, and the next night the bartender was miffed that I hadn’t called in sick to the bar, too. :smack: He said he had a good mind to write me up.

That means we all have to move up one in line. :dubious:

Well Okay, we’ll cover for ya’ this time, but try to be more prompt in the future.

You are dead to me!

Beckwall? Beckwall who?

Where’s that broken-hearted crying sound coming from? Annoying that.

Noooooooooo! You can’t flake on us beckwall. You’re like the cumin in our MMP… whatever dish takes cumin. Maybe a curry? (I don’t cook much, so that was probably a bad way to go for an analogy.)

You will be sorely missed. Heck I might not even post the MMP this week out of sorrow.

On second thought, I think I will anyway.



Well, if it’s just this one time and you promise to write and call once in a while and eat all your veggies, you may be excused.

So are we running two MMPs this week. 'Cause, that’s a lot of extra work. Not that I can’t pull my share.

I’m just sayin’.

And beckwall, Imodium works really great for me. You might want to try it.

Don’t say she’s cumin, Rue. I am pretty sure I don’t recall a funky smell.