I need to get a summer job--suggestions?

Ever since Borders gave me the ol’ heave-ho after Christmas I have been unemployed, but with a nice wad o’ cash. Now my wad is down to 30 bucks, plus 6 bucks a week in allowance (the garbage won’t take itself out). Now summer is approaching and most of my friends are getting jobs. I’d ask them for help, but most of them are getting jobs that require work during the day. I need a job that will allow me to work primarily at night because:
A) I’m volunteering on a gubenatorial campaign during the day
B) My friend’s going to be an ice cream man, and I cannot resist the urge to torture him.
I was thinking I’d become a host at a restaurant, good pay, relatively easy and the hostesses (how YOU doin’). Unfortunately, those jobs aren’t that easy to get. There’s also the option of being a busboy, but I’m not sure if I want to be degraded that much. There’s also the option of 7-11 guy, but I don’t feel like being shot, despite the free slushies. So are there any other jobs an near 18-year-old can have during the summer that have mainly night hours?

If you don’t mind hospitals, being a unit clerk is a good job. It’s mostly paper work, and keeping the supply closet and code carts filled. It pays pretty well, about $11.25 an hour (a few cents more for evening and weekends shifts) in northern New Jersey.

If you do become a unit clerk, see if your hospital offers a free class that would qualify you to become a “sitter”, someone who sits in the same room with at-risk patients. You just sit there make sure that the patient doesn’t fall/commit suicide/attack anyone/hurt himself. That way you can pick up extra shifts, because the hospital always needs sitters for the night shift.

Try warehouse work. Pretty mindless stuff but it’s easy money. Some even pay cash under the table. I did it once while in the service and enjoyed it. Made a nice chunk of dough after I got “promoted” to using a forklift. Don’t have to dress nice, shave, etc and you don’t have to deal with the general public, which is nice if you’ve been working all day someplace else. Pizza delivery is pretty decent too if you like to drive. You can make some good cash with tips on top of the pay. Grab the classifieds and see what’s open to you and you’ll probably find something you might like.

A buddy of mine got a job with UPS. He loads trailers 10 PM- 2 AM. They pay pretty good, give benefits, and offer tuition assistance.

I always suggest checking out movie theaters for summer jobs, because even though they might not pay as much as other jobs, you usually get free movie tickets as a perk. Considering how much movies are these days, that can be worth quite a bit of money.

I was going to suggest movie theatres for a great summer job. I worked at one the summer that the original Batman came out, loved it!