I need to kill more cats

I need to post more stuff on killing more cats.
So that all the dopey brainless turds who own them can make stupid fools of themselves with their pathetic replies

There will be few replies. This thread will be closed, and you will be gone in…

5… 4… 3…

Weird that this guy joined in April, then suddenly today makes his first posts and he’s practically begging for the ban-hammer.

I have this eery feeling he’s just a sock

Here’s your solution: You take a massive dose of rat poison (you will serve as Patient Zero), then lie down in your compost heap. Rat poison is an anticoagulant, so no need to slash your torso as blood will soon be seeping out of every orifice in your body. Before long, the flies will arrive and lay eggs in your decomposing corpse and poison pill maggots will thrive. The birds will eat the maggots and they too will become poisonous. Then the cats will eat the poisoned birds and they will all die.

Not a sock. Socks.


(shame cause a good faith thread about killing cats could be quite funny to watch)

It’s been done. Maybe not on this board, but it’s been done. And it ain’t pretty. :eek:

Troll banned, thread over.