The best way to execute cats if ya carnt shoot them

G’day:),.,Cats that come on to my property to try to eat our native birds and other wildlife have to be killed.
I carnt use a fire arm to kill them. I’m not legally able to shoot them with a bow and arrow.
So I gas them to death with car exhaust fumes. It only takes a few minutes to kill them.
I connect an extra length of pipe from my cars exhaust pipe to the container with the cat in it.
I make sure the box or container is not compromising the normal amount of exhaust flow.
You can end up with a car full of exhaust fumes instead of a dead cat.
Only do it on idle or you will scald the cat with hot exhaust before it dies.
I put the dead cats in a compost heap and slice them open so the blow flies can quickly access them.
After the maggots appear I then have fun feeding live maggots to my visiting birds that like eating them.
I call these maggots “cat maggots”

What other methods do you use to quickly kill cats.

Oh this should be interesting.

Here’s someinteresting informationyou can use after the execution. Possibly as the execution method, but this is not approved under research guidelines.

Where do you live? If in the US, you could just call Animal Control and they could trap the cats. You might be gassing someone’s pet.

you shouldn’t put meat or meat products in your compost pile, it attracts vermin.

I’m pretty certain I’ve seen studies that show catch and kill strategies don’t work well with cats. You are just killing a few and giving the rest a greater abundance of resources, so the survivors are more likely to live longer, breed more, and make more cats for you to kill.

Consider talking to a local vet about some kind of discount catch, alter, and release program. That way they are still hogging all the same resources, but unable to breed. In time your cat colony should shrink.

This doesn’t provide you with an immediate solution, but at least you would be making a positive difference in your immediate area and women wouldn’t cringe at you when you talk about how you maintain your songbird population.

He’s just trolling.

As I said,.,I let the flies lay maggots after I slice them open.

I remember growing up in wood and farm country not many people thought of cats as pets, but more as pest control systems. We had lots of old barn cats always slinking around, and they were often fat off of their hunting. We would rarely feed them ourselves. We didn’t seem to have any shortage of birds, either.

I’m not sure what we would have done if the cats had depopulated the local bird population. Probably nothing, at least at my grandparents working farm birds didn’t serve any real purpose but the cats were providing real value by keeping vermin out of the area which could cause severe economic losses.

I don’t give a shit where the cat comes from.
They only come onto my property to kill my visiting birds.
And that signs their death warrant.
They don’t come by for a friendly chat and a beer.
If it’s a pet then bad luck.
What’s the use of releasing these marauding murderers. They just get let out to carry on their carnage.
Are you mad, stupid or you don’t care about the millions of animals and birds that are slaughtered each year by uncontrolled cats.
The cat has to pay the ultimate price because it’s owner is irresponsible.

Don’t tell me about what to put in compost.
I make the best stuff there is.
My vegies are jumping out of the ground and there has never been a vermin problem.
I’ve been putting cats in my compost for years.
I also put every scrap of anything that used to be alive in to it.
I know what I’m doing. YOU DON’T.

I pet them to death. It takes about 15 years, but the cats don’t seem to mind.

Then why the frack are you here asking questions about what to do?

The birds aren’t stopping by for a chat or a beer either. They are bloodthirsty killers and you are perpetuating this cycle of violence with your compost heap. I figure the cats are imposing the death penalty on your song birds for murdering all those innocent maggots.

I read the thread tittle and thought ‘wow this can’t be good’

Seems about right so far.

Now then these are outside cats right? How about you just de-claw them all so they don’t eat your birds.

Go cry a bucket for your cats somewhere else.
I don’t give a shit about your dopey cat lovers study.
FYI I have decimated the population of these murderous bastards.
I don’t care if I have to kill a dozen a day.
I don’t give a toss about your cringing women.
I have a very healthy bird population that is safe from my neighbours cats

You know nothing.
I have dozens of different species of wild birds that give me immense pleasure as the visit my property and feed from my fingers.
I dont live on a farm and don’t have a vermin problem.
And I certainly don’t give a shit about your grannies cats.

I kind of want to go shoot some birds now, you know, to even the score.

Good thing there are plenty of stray cats out there to do my evil bidding for me. :wink: (My cats are strictly indoor to protect them from psycho bird lovers, dontcha know.)

If any of your cats entered my property I’d PUT it to death in 15 minutes.
And I wouldn’t mind either.

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