I never thought the Cooking Channel could make me angry.

What in the hell is that Bitchin’ Kitchen bitch trying to do? What fucked up accent is she trying to imitate? Punkgothcusinette? 10 minutes of her garbled nonsense and I begged my husband to change the channel.

So youz gotta boyfriend butcha dunwanna loook like youz is trying to had. Soz I’m gonna show youz hadda make some bitchin’ French toost, gabbeech?

I was born and raised in The Bronx and Brooklyn and now live in Lawn Guyland. Nobody talks like that. Kill it with fire!

I’m with you, Biggirl. Really can’t get past the bad acting nasty set to even watch what she’s cooking.

Is this the show? Because if so, I can only assume you’ve never been to NYC. I worked with a number of people there that talked exactly like her.

Did I mention that I was born and raised and still live there?

The thing that killed it for me was the ‘gabeech?’ Gabeech? Really?

Oops, missed that, or more correctly forgot it after going off in search of the youtube clip. :smack:

I’m only basing my opinion on the clip I posted.

What she’s doing is a very, very bad imitation of a stereotype of a bunch of New York accents all garbled up with a splattering of what she thinks is a hard rock attitude.

Perhaps she’s trying to do Snooki Cooking and failing miserably.

I thought it’s pretty obvious that everything about that show is totally tongue in cheek or intentionally silly (including her accent). I love the show, personally, though only in limited doses.

The base accent sounds more or less legit from my initial impression, just very pumped up for the show.

She’s actually from Quebec. The Italian accent/pronunciation might have changed in a different way for people there, especially depending on where exactly your heritage was from; for instance, Bostonian Italians laugh at how Chicago Italians pronounce things, in my experience.

Ah, she’s a furriner! So gabeech is the Frenchified English way to speak Italian. She and Giada should get a show together and shout Italian words at each other.

Geez, everybody knows you eat Snooki raw…

You know, you really ought to check out the Geneva Conventions before you unleash a term like “Snooki Cooking” onto an unsuspecting world.

I just hope to Og nobody from the Food Channel sees that post and gets a bright idea…

False. The FDA says you need to cook your Snooki to at least 140 degrees. How else will you kill all the bacteria?

Technically they are just playing it safe. It really depends on the “situation”.


That’s because she’s not from New York. She’s from Montreal. The English-speaking Italian-descended community there has a distinctive accent.

Yeah, Ferret Herder clued me in.

You could cook Snooki to 540 degrees, and there would still be some of her nasty ass bacteria hanging around. Her kind of shit is the kind of shit that just don’t die like it should.

I find the show pretty amusing. And some of the recipes actually look good.

Fans of more refined ladies obviously prefer Sandra Lee. (Although Nadia G also coordinates her outfits & kitchen accessories with each show’s theme.)

Also, in the link above, she’s talking like a normal person. She does not talk like that on her show.

I think you’ve all missed it. She’s channeling Andrew “Dice” Clay

NSFW - Language and content
http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDMs-UO1jxM

Espcially offensive even for him, but it shows the accent better:
http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mHidubHeHY&feature=related