I now officially have the coolest keychain ever

And here it is.

I also have one after he puts on the blue ring here.

That one is a gift for a friend, though.

I dare you to have a cooler keychain.

Psst: You might want to obscure those cheques in the background.

Well, actually it’s my credit card statement, but that’s just as bad to let internet people see, if not worse.

All covered up version here.

Can a mod delete the other link? I removed the pic from photobucket so all you get is an error, but you know someone will click on it anyway and then tell me the link is broke before reading this post.

My keychains are far cooler, as they are discernible in a picture. Yours…not so much.

My keyring has a threaded cotterpin on it. Beat that!

Not bad, but I prefer mine.

I don’t have a picture, but I have a keychain that is an electronic magic 8 ball kind of thing from FlashTag. It is awesome indeed.

My current ones are a little LED light, a huge pair of those folding scissors and a multi-tool. It’s really neat. It folds into a rectangle two inches long and one side flips open. On that side, with it open, are 4" and 10cm rulars. Cut into the top are three openings that can be used as wrenches, (3/8 11/32 5/16)The sides of the flap have cutouts that make a bottle opener, or in my case, a hook for replacing a bike chain without getting a handful of oil.

Inside, opening out like a jacknife, are 1) a tiny flathead screwdriver 2) a larger flathead 3) a sawblade 4) a Phillips that’s flat on one side, 5) scissors 6) a file with a hooked end for cleaning under fingernails or whatever 7) a knifeblade.

The whole thing is probably slightly more than 1/2" wide. It’s got an eye on one end and a keychain ring. I suppose you could use it for a plumb bob too. It’s quite well made, the tools being thick and strong. I’ve used it quite a bit and there’s no sign of anything bending or loosening.

The best part? I got it for $1.69CDN at a little variety store in Hope. When I go up next summer I’m going to see if I can pick up another one to keep in my bikebag, just in case I lose this one.

My best keychain though is the one on my jacket zipper - Alice Cooper Dirty Diamonds Tour 2005. That one, they will pry from my cold, dead…well, you get the idea! :smiley:

Oh yeah? Well, look at this!

That’s right. A fully functional miniature Hungry Hungry Hippos game. I know you are all jealous.

Bollocks to you all. My keychain is a 1907 medal commemorating 50 years of railways in Argentina, with a somewhat inaccurate depiction of a steam train {four driving wheels, no bogies} on one side, and the god Mercury on the other. Beat that.

I knew a guy once who had a ZZ Topp keychain.

No big deal, I know. But at the other end of the keychain was a real 1933 Ford street rod.

this is on my keychain. I got it on an airplane about a month ago.

I can’t see anything except giant blurs in the pics that bouv posted.

My old company manufactured titanium bone screws for when people are in horrific accidents and need to be reassembled. I drilled an oblique hole in one about the size of my thumb and put it on the keychain for my motorcycle.

bouv, your pictures just look like I’m trying to look at them without my contacts. Just blurs. I can’t even tell what they are.

I have, on my keychain, a bottle opener from the Skellar in State College, PA. At the Skellar you can buy a case of Rolling Rock (opener is $.75 extra), haul it over to your table or to a spot on the floor, and open your own beers all night. I’ve never been to another bar where they let you do this.

I haven’t actually opened a bottle with my keychain bottle opener in many years, but I feel like I’m carrying around a little of my college life every day. Now that I think of it, I married my college girlfriend, so that’s actually a better reminder of college than my keychain. Yet I can’t seem to part with it.

My keychain has a bottle opener from Celis Brewery. A man has to have his priorities.

I think mine is pretty groovy. Its a round steel turtle painted green about 3 inches long. The design is sort of a modified Navajo image. Sorry, no pictures available but I, owner of 5 pet turtles, think its way cool.

Mine is a 3/4 in dia. working fly reel in genuine gold colored metal. I have to give it up to the Hungry Hungry Hippos, though. Way cool!

Absolutely - AFG’s HHH keychain wins, hands down.

I think bouv’s is supposed to be Zelda or somesuch (yanno, from the early, pixelated days), but it certainly is difficult to tell.

Mine is a Leatherman Juice C2.

Laugh if you will, but that corkscrew has come in handy at picnics!