I only had 1 trick or treater

I had enough to give away most of the candy. I just hold the bowl out and let them take as much as they want. Had a lot of Spiderman costumes, but the classics are still going strong - cats, witches and Draculas. Only one zombie.

We had right around 20 kids this year. 3 adults that put some work into dressing up, too. Not too bad, but less than we’ve had in the past. We saw that it was a slow night, so we gave each kid more candy than we usually do, and we got rid of 90% of it. The kids were happy, and we were happy.

The cutest was a tiny little girl, dressed as a bee fairy, with beautiful green wings. The best adult was a witch, and she was dressed to the hilt! They all looked great, though.

Just moved to this apartment complex, with a decent kid population, a few months ago. As of about 7:35pm Pacific, not a trick-or-treater to be seen. :frowning:

Not only have we gotten a respectable number of groups now, my college student came home about an hour ago and she’s been answering the door for me! It’s almost 9 now, and we’ve given out almost all the candy. Everyone who came to the door hit the jackpot, of course, but the main thing is that we’re not going to gain ten pounds apiece from the leftovers!

Hm. I did not know that. Then again, I’ve been out of commission since Monday evening. I’m sure I’m not the only one out of the loop on this.

Maybe 30 kids came here. I didn’t even make one little kid cry with my awesome bulbous bloodshot plastic eyeballs (which tuck into my eye sockets and have holes to see thru). Disappointing. One little girl just froze and one little boy screamed, but it wasn’t the same.

Very odd year. Nothing going on weather-wise. Quite nice in fact.

Very few “kids”. (That is, most of them were too old to be treak-or-treating. And minimal “costumes” at that.) The youngest was about 7.

We usually get at least a half dozen really small kids. The ones too young to remember to say “trick or treat”.

Just … odd.

Odd year for us, too. Not as many of your typical 4-12 year old trick-or-treaters. Maybe they had parties instead?

Many infants in arms, with their parents taking the candy and pretzels. In fact, several grown, un-costumed adults, unaccompanied by kiddies, came with their shopping bags. Hey, maybe they’re starving. Very weird.

Mobs of teenagers, funny and very entertaining, in great costumes.

As ftg said: just… odd.

Normally we get a ton, living in the burbs, but this year, maybe 6 groups of kids.

I started out dutifully allocating 3 pieces for the good costumes, 2 for the rest. The last two groups, just to get rid of the huge bowl of candy sitting on our porch, I was shoving fistsful of candy into their bags.

The early birds did not get the worm at our house.

They bumped our ToT to Saturday, due to inclement weather. Pfft. It was above freezing and not raining all that much! I got all set up for nothing.

We had maybe a hundred or so kids, starting at 7:30 and ending at about 9. I was given a limit of how many pieces of candy I could hand out per kid (I usually give out by the handful) so I only went through 4 bags of candy, have 1 left over to munch on.

We got zero. Didn’t see a soul outside whenever I’d check, even my neighbors. The two bags of candy I bought are now in a dish in my company breakroom.

See if you get so much as a kernel of candy corn next year, you little ingrates.

We probably had 150 or so, about 1/4 of which were drive-ins from other neighborhoods. We’re right near the entrance so we’ll get the bulk of the treaters. Lots of micro-block parties, several houses sitting together and handing out collectively. Strangely, while it was one of the busier Halloweens I can remember, it also seemed to end a little earlier. No teens out of costume ringing bells near 10:00 for once and that was nice to avoid.

It’s too late to do now, but next year you guys may want to check and see if there’s a trunk-or-treat type event in your area (where kids go trick-or-treating in a parking lot, shopping center, open field, etc. instead of from door to door). Ever since I moved to my new apartment three years ago, I haven’t gotten any trick-or-treaters, but I participated in a trunk-or-treat event and we went through something like five bags of candy. I saw hundreds of trick-or-treaters last night!

I would say all of our t-or-t’ers were drive-ins from other areas.

How many eggs hit your house?

No eggs, just lots of peanuts, pretzels and pencils. :smiley:

Our development had it even though township officially said it’s postponed til Friday. Lotsa candy given out, 2-3 times normal due to driveins. One was my old neighbor who invited us over on Friday.

We have so many that the streets of the neighborhood are clogged with cars and the police come and sit at intersections to make sure there’s no trouble. I don’t know why there’d be trouble, I guess they do that for any large gathering of people. That being said, I gave out 0 candy as I was walking around with my daughter all night.

I bought 200 pieces of candy, and I just counted the leftovers: 48 pieces. So if I can do the tricky math in my head (uuuhhh… gets a calculator)… I had over 150 trick-or-treaters last night!