The Halloween 2015 Trick-or-Treater Count

How many trick-or-treaters did you have at your house this year?

I had 52–not bad considering it was windy with sporadic rain showers.



Curtains drawn and no outside lights - 0.

The one time I did get candy, we had very few kids show up, and back then we didn’t have a barking idiot of a dog or a cat who looked for every chance to escape. Our development is mostly 3-acre lots with houses set back at least 100’ from the road - hardly anyone bothers anyway, so I don’t either.

We made a bit of a haunted house/dungeon thing under our house this year, so we were deliberately attracting attention. We didn’t keep a close count but well over 50 and Mrs P guesses up near 100.

Around 100. Lots of kids.

  1. And for once it wasn’t raining. I just got out of the hospital/nursing home Thursday, so I didn’t decorate, and it was exhausting cleaning up the front foyer where I’ve been hiding things from grandsons for months, but seeing even 14 little cuties was worth the effort. And now my front door is safe and accessible again.

Actually more than I expected.

This is my first Halloween in the new house, and I had none. Down from 100+ the last 25 years.

My neighbor told me to expect from 0-20, and she was right.

I was at my brother’s house for Halloween and he had about 60.

250 plus ran out of candy about 7:45 pm my neighbor said they had over 300 plus they ran out at 8:30.

0 as always. More candy for me!

Well actually I dont bother buying candy for Trickters or Treaters so…if one or two showed I can throw money at them…pocket change always to be had here

Our booby traps didn’t catch any trick-or-treaters again this year.

I think the word is getting around. :frowning:

Actually, the combination of houses being far apart and lack of sidewalks means the pickings are pretty slim for the juvie beggar class. Much easier to have Mom truck the offspring around the newer housing developments with lots of cul-de-sacs.

Gargoyle in the tree, zombie in the yard, porch light and driveway floodlight on, Hershey’s Cookies’N’Cream and Twix at the ready, and…



I don’t think we’ve had more than 3 for about 10 years.

Pouring down rain, so we got about half our normal 50 or so.


Some years the kids that live in my apartment building get organized to come around, sometimes they don’t. (It’s a building with a security guard, so we don’t get anyone from outside.) Last year they did, this year they didn’t. At least I didn’t go out and buy candy like I did three years ago and get skunked, and have to bring it in to work. (The parents post a notice when they are going to come around, so I knew not to get anything when I didn’t see one this year. Three years ago there was no notice but I thought they might come around anyway.)


I’ve never had a single trick-or-treater in the ten years I’ve lived here. Of course, “here” is an apartment complex with outside porch lights that run on sensors so you can’t turn them on and off. The kids in the neighborhood go to the apartment office for candy then go to the subdivision across the street.

The only time I’ve handed out any candy was the year my neighbor lady’s grandkids came over and I happened to see them outside. I asked her if they could have some candy and she said yes so I shared some of my stash with them.

Of course, zero trick-or-treaters is better than what this guy saw in the town where I used to live [not edited for spelling, etc.]:


On paper, our neighborhood would be great for trick-or-treaters… but now all we’ve got is several bags of candy I’ll have to take to the office tomorrow. And I even got the *good *stuff- all chocolate.