I own a house!!!

Yep, I own the house, not me and the mortgage company. Today I made the very last payment on my mortgage, a traditional 30-yr jobber. Soon I’ll get the original documents, the mortgage itself and so on.

It’s an odd feeling, not to be in any kind of debt.

Congratulations, I plan on finishing early on mine if I can but it will still be a while. The best news is that you can probably get a great rate on a home equity loan now.

He just got out of debt, and you want to get him right back into it. Are you by chance a banker? :stuck_out_tongue:



Well done. I paid mine off in April last year. Hopefully you’ll find, as I have, that no longer having to service a mortgage result in heaps more spare cash to be salted away in various investment/retirement portfolios.

Congratulations! Welcome to the subversive ranks of the debtless!

That’s wonderful! It’s a far-off dream for most of us… Enjoy your accomplishment, and enjoy YOUR home!

Congratulations! That is a major accomplishment. Wishing you joy in your home.


Way cool, Baker.

I just rented my soul to the devil, ehrm, I meant to say, got a mortgage last July.

I’m iiiinvyous.

I too am on the opposite end of the loan. I just bought a house in June of last year. My fiance and I have high hopes of paying it off in less than 10 yrs, which is doable in our current situation, but if/when kids come along it could be a different story.


Well done, Baker!

Yay sis!

Oh god I long for the day I pay off my mortgages…yes, that was plural. I am now the proud owner of TWO. God I feel like my soul has been ripped out. But awesome work for you Baker. Glad to see at least some of us are working towards freedom. Gratz again.

Good on yer Baker.

I just paid mine off in December.

Yup, weird that £800 no longer disappearing from the bank every month. I was in the habit of paying lump sums off the mortgage whenever I had a silly amount in the bank. And I was careful to get a mortgage without an early close penalty*. Six years on, no more debt whoohoo!

I guess I’ll have to take up helicopter lessons.

*How the frak are they allowed to get away with that?

Way To Go!

All you have to do next is make sure Incompetant Bank & Trust cancels the mortgage properly so that you have clear title. That, and make sure that your tax bills get mailed directly to you now.

But well done! very jealous

Yea for Baker

15 years and counting. Some days, that 800sq foot house, with no mortgage, looks good. Then I look at my piles of books and computers, and go write the next payment to the bank.


The weird part, to me, is the idea of having lived in one house that long. I’m in my early 50s, and my wife and I have been in our current house since the fall of 1998, which is the longest I’ve lived in one place since the day I left for college.

But it looks as if we’ll keep on living here, and we refi’ed to a 15-year mortgage in 2003, so we ought to own our house free and clear in 11 years.

WOOHOO Baker!!! Sump’n else to celebrate in April. :smiley:

Why do you hate America?

But, really, good for you. I’ve got about six years left.

Now, be very careful when they send you the title. Losing one of those can make a divorce seem like a birthday party.