I paid $4.00 for a bottle of something that smells exactly like pee.

I’ve been buying natural cleaning products, because they don’t trigger my asthma. I bought this. It’s suppose to smell like Lemon. It does have ammonia, but that’s not what it smells like. I’ve used unscented ammonia, but this is much worse. It must be a bad chemical reaction with the natural lemon.

Anyway, got any ideas on what I can do with a 28 oz. bottle of pee?

Pass a drug test. :wink:

Supposedly, if it smells like predator pee, it will keep rabbits out of your garden. And if it smells like large predator pee, it will also keep deer out of the garden.

And if you use enough of it, it might keep two legged varmints out of your garden, too.

Resell it as Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir?

Return it? I got some once at Target - same brand, different scent. Took it back a few days later, no problem.

The label says lemon verbena, not lemon. Maybe that’s why you don’t like it.

I was trying to fit a “Urine luck!” joke in here, but couldn’t work it out properly.

Maybe some hippy lady is drinking lemonade, pissing it into bottles and selling it Lemon Scented All Natural Cleaning Solution. After all, they used to collect urine and use it for laundry purposes in ancient Rome.

Weed killer. I use ammonia on my sidewalk when the grass is getting too tangled up and weird looking.

I love verbena. This stuff really smells like stale, human pee.
I may try it as weed killer. Wonder what the neighbors will think is going on over here.