I parked my car last night *or* Chop your penis off and save!

So I realize that I am a 20-year-old male, living within 20 km’s of a major city. I realize that having my car is expensive. However…

10,000 a year??????????? (Canadian 's)

Story time with Çyrin! :smiley:

Ok, so I drive a Sunfire GT. Anyone who has seen this car can assume that it is by no means a “sports car”. Furthermore all of us who have driven it realize that such assumptions are rather accurate!

I was insured last year for approx $4100. That is a lot of money, even for us Canadians… however, I needed to drive to work and so I bit the bullet! Two months after I got my car I got stopped by a police officer that told me I was doing 101 km/h in a 50 km/h zone! WTF??? He was lying, so I took him to court. He lied there too, and the judge knew it, but because I had no way of proving my exact speed (who does?) he had to convict, now he gave me next to no fine and 3 times the normal amount of time to pay the fine, but I still ended up with the ticket.

“Oh well” (I thought) “One ticket isn’t going to kill me!” (It ended up being 49km/h over the limit, which according to my insurance company is a minor offence) So I drove on my merry way… until last month. Mid January I received a phone call while I was at work. My father informed me that he had received a letter from our insurance company. “Oh?” I asked. “How much is my insurance going up?”. “It isn’t.” he said, “It’s being cancelled!”

Apparently my insurance company is going the way of many other insurers. They have re-evaluated their policy on young drivers and have decided that drivers with less than 2 years of fully licensed experienced and 1 ticket are ineligible for insurance. Now they forget that I have been an otherwise good driver for 3 years with them (I was a secondary driver with my parents first) and they just up and refuse to renew my policy!!! Ok, so I try to shop around… the lowest quote I got was $9800/year!!!

So I went back to my insurance company and found out that they will re-insure me once I have been licensed for 2 years. Never mind that because I can’t afford insurance until then I will have no experience. I will have, however, been carrying a card around in my wallet, that apparently counts for something!

So I ask, "When will that be?” “May 5th.” she says!

WHAT? So as of Feb 13 I am too much of a risk, but on May 5th you’ll insure me? I was afraid to ask, but I did anyways…

“How much will it be when I re-apply in May?”


Ok, so just to recap, On May 4th, I am so much of a risk that they couldn’t possibly insure me, so I have to go 2 1/2 months with no insurance or practice and then on the 5th they are going to give me a discount…


So it’s the 14th and last night I took my car out for one last ride, I picked up some things I would need for my Valentine (:D) and washed all the salt off her (My car not my Valnetine :D)… then into the Garage for the next 2 months! tear

As to the “cut off your penis and save” line, I checked for quotes on-line and said female instead of male and prices were 30-40% less!! I hate the world sometimes… but when I get that way I can usually just hop in my car and enjoy a ride…


grumble grumble grumble grumble grumble

Shouldn’t this be in the pit? :slight_smile: