I pit Allen Johnson's darkglasses

As far as I’m concerned, Allen is the man as regards the high hurdles. So, to see him diving through the final barrier was heart breaking. Whoever forgot to whip Allen’s shades off before the final deserves a hiding.

And just telling me that he didn’t run in a baseball cap like the other dude won’t cut it with me.

NZ got first and second in the triathalon yesterday. I was mighty proud of the boys at the end of the race, but I was yelling at the tv “take the glasses off your foreheads BEFORE the wreaths go on”.

They ignored me of course. Wreaths and sunnies look silly together but doing an event in sunnies doesn’t hurt anyone.

If they feel better competing in the sunnies then they will. Shit I saw a Japanese bloke long jumping in sunnies the other day. If you can long jump wearing sunglasses then you can surely sprint in them and may even be better off.

The trialthletes did very well, especially Hamish. Just wish they could number them properly for easy identification.

New Zealand has the right idea about those ghastly wreaths, by the way, not allowing medallists to pollute the country with them.

Yeah but you have to admit big blue sunglasses under a wreath don’t look too classy…not like the Swiss bloke, who was the most gracious, excited bronze medalist ever.

I’m quite sure the sponsors paid the athletes enough $$$ to make sure those sunglasses were shown on worldwide television.

There’s a direct hit, maybe. I confess that I didn’t recognize a brand, but I paid perhaps too little attention (from the manufacturer’s standpoint, anyhow). Can anyone tell us if the sunglasses were distinctive enough that their simple appearance could constitute advertising?

Most of the glasses I saw on the American Athletes were Oakleys which are a highly fashionable, highly desired, absurdly expensive sunglasses (my daughter went through 2 pair) . If you visit the Oakley website this “cutting edge” attitude verges on winking self parody with the made up names they chose for the mundane plastics, coatings and metals that go into the product (ie Plutionite, Unobtainum).

I worked in a bike shop years ago and got a discount on some Oakleys. They’re long gone so I thought I’d pick up some new ones, that is until I went to the site.

$300 fucking bucks? Kiss my ass Oakley.