I pit bartenders who do not know how to properly pour a pint of Guinness.

Is it really that hard?

Seems to be, for one of our Irish pubs. Same pub (same name, same owners, presumably same beer) a couple of blocks over does it perfectly… not sure what the issues are at “my” pub. It’s the one I can walk to, so I’m not switching just for a good “pull” of Guiness.

It’s marketing nonsense, part of the usual mythologizing of alcohol to hide the fact that you’re drinking to get drunk. Yeah, I’m sure the exact height of the glass and pouring in 119.53 seconds (never 199.02! you idiot!) is something that would totally affect the taste in a double-blind experiment :rolleyes:

You want to get blitzed, fine, none of my business. But let’s not pretend you’re drinking a work of art here. It’s fucking beer that you can buy at Wal-Mart. Get over it.

Teetotaler, are you?

Yes, people drink just to get drunk. But some of us actually LIKE the taste of beer and wine, and drink it to enjoy it, one or two glasses at most.

Condescending Robot, you are well named.

If the bartender makes a little shamrock in the head, you are allowed to stab him in the throat with a fork. In several counties in Ireland this is mandatory.

Sure, just like cookery is marketing nonsense, part of the usual mythologizing of food to hide the fact that you’re eating to get full. Let’s not pretend you’re eating a work of art here. It’s fucking food that you can buy at Wal-Mart.

Hand pulled?
You mean leg pulled.

“Guinness is Good for You”.

Seconded. And I pit bars who don’t take care of their pipes properly so you get a foul tasting pint of Guinness that’s travelled through gods knows what festering in the taps :frowning:

I fucking hate it when I order a Sams and it comes in one of those froofy glasses. I see from the link that Condescending Robot wasn’t being facetious–if it’s accurate, they really do make their recommendation to the hundredths place. Plus, Guiness is redesigning their pint glasses? Fucking pretentious fucks.

I get the appreciation for Guiness as a beer and basic conventions. Good stuff. But pitting bartenders because they don’t “klnow how to properly pour a pint” is hipster crap akin to overpriced speaker wire and a fetish for vinyl records.

Mmmmm. . .Irish Car Bombs. People still drinking those? A shot, 50/50 Jameson’s and Bailey’s; dropped into Guinness and chugged. Mmmmmm.

To elaborate on my OP, I’m really only complaining about bartenders who are ignorant of the requisite two stage process required to properly pour a pint of Guinness and yes, this makes all the difference in the world.

As far as how long to wait between the two stages, I’ve never seen the bartender actually time the process. A quick glance to make sure the initial 3/4 pour has settled before topping it off is good enough for me.

“Shaken, not stirred” is all that goes through my mind…

Is Coors Light best served in a plastic glass or a paper cup?

Coors is best served by pouring it down the drain.

I like my Guinness best straight out of the can, from a paper bag, at a location where I’m not technically supposed to be drinking. YMMV.


Yes it does make a difference in taste and in getting the correct head which is a part of the edxperience.

Oh, and one last thing…

You’re a dick.

Guinness is a good beer but it’s extremely overrated. There are a number of superior stouts of all kinds made right here in the USA. And they don’t come with mandatory glass shapes or official pour-times with insignificant figures.

It is possible to achieve the correct amount of head without resorting to absurd rituals promulgated by the manufacturer.

I don’t give a shit how they pour it as long as the end result is correct.
Wave a magic wand, say a prayer, cut the head off a chicken, what ever works.