I pit C.F. Martin & Co. !

Look, I love your guitars. I’d buy more if I had the wallet.

I purchased 2 ball caps and a set of bridge pins online from you. Okay, so that got me on your emailing list. I get that.

Is it necessary for you to send me an average of 3 emails a day trying to sell me something? And why would I want an Ed Sheehan signature guitar? I’ve never heard of him and the guitar is ugly anyway. I thought the flood of email would die down after Exmas, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.


I’ve never pitted anything before. Was that alright?

Well, don’t fret about it…

you nearly made me choke - but in a good way.

So, you’re saying they’re just trying to string you along?

Maybe they’re just trying to keep you in good a-chord.

So you’re saying you’re saddled with emails?

Well, grab em by the tailpiece and toss them off the bridge.

You don’t have to hammer on them so much. You could just ask them to pull off and maybe the emails would go away.

No need to shred them. They will slide eventually.

Warn them that you’ll tell all your friends what they’re up to and their reputation will git-tarred.

We’ll get the capo to put a hit out on them.

Isn’t there an unsubscribe link on the bottom of the emails?

That might be the solution. I like the way this topic resonates, even though some may be a tad high strung.

Threaten to beat them over the head with acoustic.

A cue stick…I stink at this.

They did send me one asking me what my advertising preferences were. I filled it out and replied. I haven’t seen much change in my spam box, I’m still getting about 1 out of every 4 emails about their SP strings, even though they asked if I wanted to get those ads and I told them no.

I’m sure their strings are good, but I prefer D’addario semi-flat wound light phosphor bronzes ( EFT-16). I’ve only had non-D’addario strings on my Martin twice. When it came from the factory (it was a custom, so it never actually appeared at a retail store) it probably had Martin strings on it, and the one time I couldn’t find light gauge D’addarios so I put a set of Martins on it.

Well, should I refrain?

Okay, I clicked the link on the email sitting in my inbox this morning and updated my profile/advertising preferences. Let’s see if it takes.

Be glad you didn’t contribute to the Obama campaign. Romney would have been awful but at least he didn’t spam me or give my phone number to the DSCC.


Only if you don’t let us join the chorus…

Well, it’s a pretty minor thing, yanno?

Guess with a Martin, you need those sorts of candy-ass strings made of spun angel hair. Now, my good ol’ Harmony Sovereign played like a truck, sure, but break a string, grab a hunk of barb wire off an old fence, tune that bitch up!

I’d let it slide, before someone come to some harm- onics