Fuck you, SiXSwordS

For being a goddamn hypocrite. Apparently you’re too much of a baby to walk into one of the four music stores in your neighborhood without your mother because some 19-year-old will be condescending towards you, yet you have no trouble being just as rude to me when I make a harmless suggestion. Maybe I missed the part in your essay about how helplessly ignorant you are about musical instruments that references a distinct distaste for the brand I mentioned, or how you only want answers in identical vapid essay form, or maybe you just suck cock. The fact is that no one with half a brain goes online and spends $1000 on a guitar because that’s just plain STUPID, just like walking into a dealership with $15000 and saying ‘give me a car.’

And $1000 is not mid-priced, jackass. Apparently you’re better off with a name-brand instrument that’s set up poorly and sounds like shit, but how the fuck will your ignorant ass be the wiser?

Could this be the first pitting based on a single word? Possibly.

Granted he was rather brusque with that word.

Was it worth the inevitable warning you’ll get for that remark? I’m guessing yes.

It was rude, but I don’t think it was worthy of a pitting. Pittings need lots and lots of links and quotes of obnoxious things people have said. That way we can all paw through the different things that the person has said and hopefully prove that they were even lying about stuff they’ve said in the past.

Actually, I think you need to be pitted for saying “fuck you” in a CS thread.

How does any of this make him a hypocrite? Oh yeah, lighten up.

Ron, you’re a moron. He wasn’t rude, you made a suggestion and he turned it down. Get over it.

Oh, and learn the definition of hypocrite before you call someone one.

No, it was not. Just because he wasn’t blowing sunshine up Ron’s ass doesn’t mean he was rude. Ron, on the other hand is being a complete infant about it.

I don’t think it was any more rude than an order to buy a guitar s/he (gender unknown) had no interest in.

And how does

answer the questions

SiXSwordS wasn’t asking what guitar to buy. But you ordered him/her to buy your guitar of choice. And then figured that since s/he doesn’t want your precious Seagull that s/he is

(nice homophobia, btw. Dickweed)

Ignoring the possibility that maybe SiXSwordS used $1,000 as an estimate of how much s/he wanted to spend, tell me this, O great half-brained one, how much do you spend on a guitar?

I agree with Q.E.D. “No” wasn’t rude. “Buy a Seagull” was rude. It was nonresponsive, off-putting, and pointless really. It was just a thoughtless toss-off post from someone unwilling to take the time, or unable to muster the resources, to help an OP clearly looking for specific guidance. Yes, I know I’m rambling, but still.

since the pitting is over a single word, I will respond to this pitting with a single word:


That’s the seventh sign, isn’t it? :wink:

Ron, I think your suggestion was rather brusque, so the fact that you got a brusque answer in return doesn’t seem surprising.

Hmm… Now that you mention it. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re a cock.

That was threadshitting on your part, pure and simple.

You’re too nice, Sarahfeena. :wink:

What’s a Seagull (in a discussion of guitars, that is)?

It’s a reasonably priced guitar with a reasonably decent sound.

I noticed that this poster has two threads in a row in the Pit. When I opened this one, I discovered he (?) is a guest whose guest status should be running out soon.

Trying to go out in a blaze of glory?

Why would you pit someone over this? You play? You weren’t scared your first time buying an axe?

Well I guess your one bad ass MOFO!

It’s some scary shit putting yourself out for all to see.

Or was it just that he didn’t take your advice about the axe?

Dude, that’s weak. Youv’e seen Stevie Ray Vaughns axe I’m Sure. Did it look like a 1000 dollar axe to you ? How about Eddie Van Halens? 1000 ? I’m thinking not. O.K. How about Emmet Ray. Not a lot of dough.

It’s all about the paws.

The other one is getting the same response as this one, too.

What a tool.