I pit Celine Dion

When come back from tearing hair out, bring sanity.
Kythereia is generally a very good-natured, easy-going, sunny goddess of love. She can let almost anything roll off her back. She can withstand almost anything.

However, if Kythereia hears Celine Dion’s new single ONE MORE FREAKING TIME, she is going to lose her mind!

This inane, mindless, drooling, stupid, shrill, screeching, grating piece of SHIT! Arrrrrrgh!

pant, pant, pant
…It’s been a looong day at work.

[insert hugs and sympathy]

If only Canada was better known for our thriving indie-rock scene than for our shrill French-Canadian diva…

Unfortunately, you will always be more well-known as the land that gave us her, Tom Green, Mike Meyers, Alanis Morissette, and William Shatner, amongst others.

You should be happy we haven’t invaded; we’ve done so for less.

There, there, Kythereia. I blame Celine Dion on her parents and manager-husband. ::hugs::

To me, it will always be the home of Rush and Triumph. Celine is pod person from a far away, sucky planet that just happened to* land * in Canada.

Ack. Every single person in Spain told me the same thing: “¿Eres de Canadá? ¡¡Odio a Céline Dion!!” Jeez, she’s not my fault, all right?

Hey, don’t the Barenaked Ladies make up for Celine, though?

Hey Celine! Why the long face?

i know Canada for its thriving indie-rock. don’t worry, all things that are indie-rocka and come from Canada, i am cool with and listen to a lot…thank you Canada!

You don’t know horror until you hear “My heart must go on” in Cantonese.

It was odd, but much better than that Dion person. I just want to lock her in a room with 57 quarter-pounders (that’s right, no metrics here!) and a bottomless big gulp of non-diet soda. She’s just too skinny!! (and strange-looking because of it)

I haven’t read this thread.

I don’t care.

I just came here to agree that she sucks.

Thank you.

Weren’t they reponsible for Jim Carrey, too? Nuke 'em till they glow.

Oh dear Og, I swear Celine Dion is the anti-christ…

The really sad thing is that she has such an awesome voice. Much like Mariah Carey. Such incredible talent, wasted.

I’m with Phnord.

Every times someone voluntarily listens to Celine Dion, the terrorists win a little more.

Christina Aguilera as well.

I think Eternal Sunshine and the Truman Show make up for whatever misdeeds, but whatever, that’s for Cafe Society.

I’ve occasionally wondered why some people hate Celine Dion. She’s very good-looking, has a sexy body, and sings well. After reading this thread, I still don’t know. Is she perhaps a Republican or Conservative?

I don’t like her because she’s an over-indulgent diva. And I personally don’t like divas.

I was in Las Vegas about a year ago and went to Caesar’s Palace. They have an entire store dedicated to just Celine Dion and they have a Colosseum type building next to the casino dedicated just to her concerts. Not only is this rather sickening, but I’ve heard she takes a helicoptor to it.

What the hell are you complaining about ? She invaded the US market about ten years ago, no ? Up here, she’s been around for over 20 :eek: . Anyway, it’s your own fault if you’re stuck with her. Nobody forced you to buy her records :stuck_out_tongue: . Bottom-feeders like her and her Svengali-like husband always go where the food supply is most abundant. :smiley: