I Pit: Certain SDMB Smilies!

How the hell is this supposed to mean “stick out tongue”? :stuck_out_tongue: You have to look really, really close, otherwise it looks like a smily face with an open mouth smile.

And how the hell is this supposed to mean “embarassement”? :o It looks like the damn thing is taking a nap!

And who the hell uses this? ;j I mean, how often does one need to portray an Orthodox Jew?

What, you should Pit some harmless little Smilies already? ;j

Guess which smiley will get used the most in this thread?


A nap? Umm, you don’t get out much, do you?

Hey, Malienation:

;j ;j
;j :dubious: ;j
;j :o :o ;j
;j :slight_smile: :rolleyes: :slight_smile: ;j
;j :dubious: :smiley: :smiley: :dubious: ;j
:smiley: :smiley:
;j ;j
:confused: :confused:
;j ;j
:mad: :mad:
;j ;j
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
;j ;j



:slight_smile: - Happy Assed Fucker

:rolleyes: - Rolleyes Assed Fucker

:dubious: - Star Trek Assed Fucker

:cool: - Cool Ass Fucker (like me with Kirten Dundst)

:smack: - Why You Stab Me in the Eye, Fucker!?

:stuck_out_tongue: - A Cunning Linguist

:wally - He’s DEAD, Jim!

:wink: - Say No More Assed Fucker

;j - Ahhh!!! A Spider!

:smiley: - Orbit Gum

:confused: - ??? beats me …

:o - Blow Job Giver

:eek: - Did someone say “spider”!?

:frowning: - I … ain’t got no baw-aw-awdy. NOBODY!

:mad: - Errrr, You Make Me Very Angry

:slight_smile: : Hey Cool, how are you today?

:cool: : Totally rad, dude! How about you?

:slight_smile: : My life is so wonderful. Things just couldn’t get any better.

:cool: : Sweet!

:slight_smile: : So, what do you want to do on this beautiful day?

:cool: : Let’s go see how your neighbor is doing!

:slight_smile: : knocks on neighbor’s door

:rolleyes: : Opens door What do you want?

:cool: : Hey dude, wanna hang out or something?

:rolleyes: : Like I’d ever want to hang out with you losers. closes door

:cool: : That was TOTALLY uncool.

:slight_smile: : Oh well, tt happens. Let’s not let it spoil our day. How about we get lunch or something?

Later, at the restaurant:

:cool: : Hey, it’s your brother! Let’s go sit with him!

:slight_smile: : Hi Frown, how’s it going?

:frowning: : Pretty lousy. My wife left and took the kids. She said I was “too negative”.

:cool: : Whoah. Major bummer, dude.

:slight_smile: : Aw, don’t let it get to you. She wasn’t right for you anyway.

:cool: : Yeah, there’s tons of other chicks.

:frowning: : Maybe you guys are right. I’ll try to get over it.

:slight_smile: : That’s the spirit!

:cool: : Hey look, it’s Wally!

:frowning: : Hi Wally.


:cool: : Now that was NOT NICE!

:frowning: : I think I’m going to go cry now.


Whatever do you mean? :confused: What? Why, you little… :eek: I beg your pardon. I’ll have you and NoClueBoy know that I take a dim view of such coarse and unrefined tomfoolery. :mad: Now gimme my cane, I gotta go yell at those damn kids to stay the hell offa my lawn!

Bring back smashy.

Wow. I didn’t even realize that first smiley was supposed to be sticking its tongue out.

I like the embarassed one though.




If we’re pitting smilies, This: :mad: doesn’t really look mad. Unless I look really carefully, all I see is a red dot, which is more reminiscent of an old 7Up campaign than it is evocative of anger.

Nevah had it, nevah will! :D:D:D:D

I’m so :confused:. The OP makes me :(. Is this :rolleyes:? Am I being a :wally. Or is this some kind of ;).

All I can say is, dude stay :cool:, :slight_smile: don’t be :mad:. It can be :o sometimes to admit to :smack:. Don’t be :eek:, just :stuck_out_tongue: at the world and :D.

I know you feel :dubious: but just ;j.

It’s so obvious now – :smack: should always be followed by ;).

:smack: :wink:
:smack: :wink:

Stop doing that! You’ll poke your eye out :wally

The Pit is getting rather boring of late. I pit the shitty OP and his shitty lame-ass pit thread. I also pit Giraffe or who ever is running this place these days for not moviing this piece of crap out of the pit and into MSPMS or wherever the retard academy resides to make lame ass jokes.

Now THAT’S funny!

This technicolor thread does not belong in the Pit, and probably not anywhere else, either. Closed.

zuma, sorry to be tardy to the party, but you are familiar with Report This Post, right?