I Pit damuriajashi and DemonTree

Well, now that we’ve got the playground insults out of our systems, let’s get back to making fun of bigoted posters…

demontree, your “logic” was really hard to follow. All I could figure out is that according to you… if I change genders, I have to switch shampoos too?

Well, crap, that settles it.

Possibly the nuttiest thread I’ve read, IIRC.

Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific?
Is it that one?

+1. What is wrong with you, @chela? I’d give you an F, but then I fear you’d accuse me of making a death threat as well. Hanging of low letter grades is too good for some people.

Lord Haw Haw Zoster calling from Germany establishes contact again.

Only that I pointed before at a good reason why that could take place in some locations, and still nowhere there is evidence from Zoster about Critical Race Theory (the point of the OP) being used in Vermont, it is more likely common sense based on evidence that minorities are suffering a high number of deaths and the Sandstormer here conveniently ignores that whites too in the most vulnerable age and high-risk condition groups have been vaccinated already in Vermont, what he points out is actually what Vermont considers the next group in need.

And after that personal dig, damur goes for long showing that 1) he had no need to complain about me but to Zoster. Then 2) he finishes with an indirect accusation of liberals that are involved in the thread too, as using CRT for circle jerking.

The CRT was closed thanks to Zoster showing no evidence whatsoever that the bump of the thread was related to the vaccination issue he condemned.

Still, damuriajashi in that CRT thread had to reach for his hobby horse and also he did not bother to point at evidence that CRT researchers are in favor of. He still thinks that it is mostly the left who are discriminating against Asians. @Kimstu @k9bfriender and @iiandyiiii among others pointed at how flawed that was, but he still continued just before the thread was locked.


It is because crt can be many things to many people that it has been used to perpetuate discrimination against asians buy those white school boards.

What I see is the right wing talking points that are still planted in his head. The reality is not looking good for the right wingers as Asians are the ones realizing that the current Republican party is not really their friend.


Actor Daniel Dae Kim appeared before Congress Thursday and didn’t hold back in criticizing GOP lawmakers for failing to back a resolution condemning anti-Asian action across the country.

“Hawaii 5-0” and “Lost” star Kim testified in September 2020 at the time the resolution was being debated (it eventually passed, though with no Republican votes). Speaking before the House Judiciary Committee Thursday via a video call, Kim said he was “both honored and dismayed” to be addressing lawmakers again.

“Some of you may remember I that I was with you just this past September discussing the importance of diversity in American media,” he said, referencing HR-908. “I was disheartened to find that for a bill that required no money or resources, just a simple condemnation of acts of hate against people of Asian descent, 164 members of Congress–all Republican–voted against it.”

Huh. Who knew that when DemonTree said

they meant more than just that one thread? Not a peep since then.


Sadly, it was not to last. Aah well, one month respite was better than nothing.

And then the ZosterSandstorm still relies on his hobby horse / boogieman of an argument that Communists CRT proponents are involved with no evidence whatsoever.

And now the Virginia education thread is closed. Suffice to say very early it was established that the source was wrong about what they were going to do with the standards regarding Math in Virginia.

It was then just looking at ZosterSandstorm and DemonTree to see who would be the most creative at grasping at straws and creatively cutting quotes from others to get the debate going.

DemonTree in all her glory showing how clueless she is and with her words show why the Orwellian reasons from white governors and congress people to ban Critical Race Theory do resonate among the ones that are clueless and disingenuous like her.

It does not matter that in reality what the bigoted politicians are trying to do includes the silencing of minority researchers, and that includes Jews too.

In other news, ZosterSandstorm got banned from the CRT thread by continuing to rant about his conspiracy theory about how the Jews CRT scholars are taking over the world education in the US.

ZS, nearly a month ago: I’m not allowed to discuss magnet school admissions on this board…

Now you aren’t, I guess.

@DemonTree is a race realist who believes there is a hierarchy of races with respect to intelligence, and that this explains differences in academic achievement.

This is real argument she’s been wanting to have the whole time.

And now octopus shows in that thread that he was hooked by the anti-intellectual and bigoted bait.

Not surprised either.

And he calls the rest of us a hive mind, when he has permanently mind melded with the right wing propaganda machine.

The hive mind belief is one of the more annoying ones. Why isn’t the more common reaction “Huh, these other people, who generally seem intelligent in other ways, seem to all disagree with me. Maybe I should see if they have a point?”

I mean, I didn’t think I was being insulting to people in a recent thread, but I was told I came off that way, so I backed out of the thread.

Perhaps, but in citing yourself as an example of someone with a notable ability to concede that other people have a point, if it now transpires that other people disagree that this is one of your notable characteristics, you should then be prepared to concede that other people making that point have a point.

It would had I actually said what you claimed. I said I didn’t understand the “hivemind” claim, and then gave an example of a situation where I backed down. octopus, the guy I am talking about, never seems to back down.

I may think someone has a point, but that’s not the same thing as saying I think they’re right. You can be wrong but have some kernel of truth in what you’re saying. In this particular case, that kernel of truth is that I was coming off badly.

At no point do I think that such reactions towards what I say indicate a hivemind. But I very much do backdown all the time. If you think I don’t, then my conclusion is not that you are a hivemind, but that you are not here, seeing how often I back down. I may not be perfect in that, but I never claimed to be. It’s hard to know when you should argue back and when you should back down.

The thing I don’t get about octopus is how he never seems to consider that. Rather than backdown on anything, everyone arguing against him means we’re a hivemind. If he just concluded “I’m explaining myself poorly,” I’d have much less of a problem with him.

She’s not clueless, she’s just a straight up racist.


As I said in the other tread, racism is ignorance too. A very peculiar form that causes a lot of harm.