I pit DrDeth

Much like this post of yours made me aware that you were exposed to lots of lead paint as a child.

This seems like a well researched post, so well done, @Martin_Hyde .

I choose to believe this is true, because it’s too awesome not to be.

Believe that I was told this? 100%, by some scruffy dude who sat down next to me during my 20 minute break at the bakery I worked at in 1993. She left him on the railroad tracks, and if Bruce Springsteen had not come along right then, he would have died. He owed his life to Bruce.

Believe that it actually happened? Your guess is as good as mine.

I want to live in a universe where Debbie Gibson sometimes beats the absolute shit out of people over some trivial slight, or perhaps $200 in gambling debts. In my universe, she prefers to stomp the bejeezus out of any number of luckless mooks behind really seedy bars, once with names like “The Brass Horse” where you can’t really tell if it’s a country bar, rock bar, or a weird mix of both. And she’s wearing one of those Debbie Gibson hats, except when you’re close enough to her, as she’s putting one bone-crunching right cross after another into your blood-pulped face, just before your eyes are too swollen shut to see, you notice she’s got little “:I killed a guy” teardrops sewn into the brim.

After she gives the mark one last kick in the kidneys before walking away, she spits out “you took a… FOOLISH BEAT, bitch!” and walks away whistling. Foolish Beat, of course.

Just as the darkness behinds to take hold, you hear another voice. Whistling “Born to Run.”

This is the reality I choose to exist in.

No, just the opposite. Read again. I am saying that IS Genocide, while CULTURAL Genocide is a controversial term. “Cultural genocide” means e.g trying to stop a people from speaking their native Language and insisting they use the common language only. Not otherwise killing, harming, imprisoning, or taking any physical steps agains them. Cultural not Physical.

Oh-Is that all that happened?

Of course it is! And when the target failed to use the “common language”, they then stepped it up to insisting very sternly.

Does the term “e.g” mean anything at all to your “just asking questions” tiny feeble brain, without an original thought?? That was a example of the sort of thing cultural genocide encompasses. We were not discussing the Canadian situation in specific.

Stop JAQing off.

Psychological harm doesn’t count, huh? The Genocide Convention does not agree with you.

Stop downplaying that horrible tragedy, you fucking jackass.

Who said it didn’t? They just have one definition for genocide and another for “cultural genocide”.

I did not. I was not even talking about it.

Read for comprehension.


You were referring to one thing and one thing only.

I was not. I was defining for one poster what is considered “cultural genocide”. Really, you need to work on your reading comprehension. or are you just that stupid?

You did:

In your own words, psychological harm caused by trying to assimilate a group by force doesn’t count.

Doesn’t count as what?

Nevermind, no one is listening or reading anyway.

This is why the PIT sucks.

Have fun, bye

Mr. Deth is now so mad, he’s threadshitting about the genocide thread, except he’s doing it in the ATMB thread.

Come on, genius, it’s admissible to threadshit in the Pit. Do it there instead of ATMB and you’ll stick around longer.

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Just sayin’ :grin:

What, you forgot that you’re saying cultural genocide does not count as genocide because there is no physical component? Again, the Genocide Convention* disagrees with you.

*Article 2(b) (bolding mine) “Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group”.