I pit DrDeth

When people seemingly jump out of the woodwork to call you a troll, you might stop to consider why.

Why do I hear this in the voice of SayTwo?

I’m sorry, you have to solve your own mental problems.

You remember that time you said if we see you ‘trolling’ to tell you in the moment?
This is one of those moments.

And he was a dick to Robert Hooke. Newton can get fucked (something he badly needed, apparently).

Posters often comment that other posters are full of shit. My impression is that the good posters respond by continuing to create valuable posts, letting their actions speak for themselves. The bad posters try to defend themselves and attack others, because that’s all they have.

Doc sure got quiet in the “Gun Manufacturers’ Liability” thread after the third post by @What_Exit instructing everyone to stay on topic lest they get warned.

How dare you! I’ve never tried to defend myself. You’re just a little asshole trying to troll others to make himself look better.

@discobot roll crimson!

:game_die: 3, 3

Thanks, discobot at least you understand.

The result of reading your posts…

This. :trophy:

“Doth protest too much”

:socks: :socks: got to :socks: :socks: ?

I wonder who the next poster will be who sees this thread and figures:

“Hey! Some other fuckin jackass is getting all the attention I so richly deserve! I will pop in and say some stupid shit so that I will prove that I am the fuckin jackass and get some of that sweet, sweet attention.”

I’ll take you up on that offer!

But seriously, I did want to pop in, because DrDeth has shown up in a lot of gun threads recently, and I felt that while he’s entitled to his opinions and fears, that he was . . . not making a good case for them. Since I haven’t seen him in other threads that I follow, I am not going to judge him on the other issues I’ve seen in the thread, but even a casual review is not encouraging.

But he’s still better than octopus. Which yes, means almost nothing, but still: many people vehemently disagree with DD, but almost no one here seems to think he’s a troll.

Okay, you guys are free (as if you weren’t before!) to bring down the snarkhammer on DD and all of like minds, look forward to engaging you in the threads!

[ oh @Spice_Weasel the ‘sung to the tune of breakfast at tiffanys’ was gold, whenever I am pitted, I demand work of this caliber!]

“Getting kicked in the head once is better than getting kicked in the head twice” type of better?

There’s probably not a gun thread that goes by that he doesn’t show up. I’m not judging, I tend to participate in most of them as well, just saying, if there’s talk of guns, there’s DrDeth.

That’s an understatment.

I don’t think that he’s a troll, but I do think that he is often an fuckin jackass.

Well, his citing the movie against What_Exit’s textual information in the ‘9 rings’ thread is telling.

Link, please.

It was probably unfair, but here

I wouldn’t put it at ‘jackass’ level, but it seems to be similar to other examples in the thread.