I pit DrDeth

Maybe it’s a little unfair, but it’s kinda funny, since he would rail against the “Illiterati” who watched Game of Thrones without reading A Song of Ice and Fire.

Eventually he got topic banned.

Err, what? You’re quoting me, not DrDeth, and I was citing the book, not the movie. Wrong jackass, I’m afraid.

Sorry, his post was right after yours, I may have mis-scrolled when linking. Mea culpa. :bowing_man:

Much more likely that TPTB finally took notice of your habit of taking over gun-related threads and decided to no longer put up with such.

This is basically what it boils down too.

Apparently being on the board for 20 years is not long enough for him to know how the board works. If his dad hadn’t been so busy flying Doug around, maybe he could have explained it to him.



Sure, but as the Staff has said over and over, you cant do anything unless the post is reported.


On a lark, I searched ATMB for posts by him containing “report”. Found this:

Asked of @Czarcasm, natch.

Then why not say that in the ATMB thread?

Huh, I thought I did actually. Let me cross post it there.

Mods explaining it to him hasn’t helped much. As we see time and time again, once he gets a notion in his head, it’s nigh impossible to dislodge.

He isn’t all bad. For instance, he is making me look good in some quarters. :grin:

Well, come on now, let’s not get carried away. :slightly_smiling_face:

Another of his things is his insistence that Blac Bloc Anarchists are some overwhelming force in the US. Apparently anyone that damages anything in a riot is a card carrying member.

Also, the way he always calls himself a “fed - but not law enforcement.” When people say fed they specifically mean federal law enforcement. Nobody says fed when talking about the guy down at the social security office.

Haha, I have two friends that work for Social Security. They aren’t “feds”. I myself work for a state agency, I could theoretically call myself a “government agent” if I wanted to sound cool but give me a break, I fix computers for a living. That’s the kind of shit a jackass throws around trying to pick up women at a bar.

When I was a teenager, I volunteered with special needs kids at a gymnastics studio, helping run some classes. One day, I overheard two of the moms of the kids speaking; one was telling the other that her husband worked for “the Federal government” in the sort of tone that implies “I could tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you”. Then she went to use the restroom, and while she was gone, one of the other moms elaborated: “yeah, her husband is a mailman”

Maybe he’s just always eating?

That would explain all the crap spewing out of his mouth every time he posts.

And it serves no purpose at all on the board. It’s like going into a thread about brain surgery and telling people you are a chiropractor.

And that your father once assisted Ben Carson (with his lawncare).

Jumps into a thread where everyone is having a good, congenial, in depth and interesting conversation, declares that everyone else is wrong and he alone is right, based on the argument of “of course”. Doesn’t even understand that we are more or less in agreement on the point, just wants to shove in everyone else’s face just how much more right he is than everyone else.

I guess his father probably once didn’t see a UFO, so that gives him the insight and experience to simply know better than anyone else.

Dang it, you beat me to it. I had just quoted his first post and came into this thread to share it.

You’re seriously enabling his wrecking of the thread. You should have flagged him (like others did) instead of engaging. I’m going to try an sort it out now.