I pit DrDeth

I’m not interested enough to follow the thread all the way back, but I assume that the “02 planets” he talks about in the most recent quotes are supposed to be “O2”, i.e. Oxygen. How stupid do you need to be to type zerotwo instead of ohtwo, not just once or twice, but many times?

A 02 planet are an planet full of alot of a oxygen

Yes, but is it “a O2” or “an O2”?

More whining about reporting in 3 … 2 … 1 …

No, “an O2” is not grammatologically corpusculent. It is either “a O2” or “a O2” or “a 02” – those are correct, and are all exactly the same, and they all refer to planets that have enuf of a oxygen atmosphere that u can breth. He knows this because his father’s uncle’s co-worker had a friend who once saw a actual astronaut. This same father’s uncle’s co-worker’s friend also has proof that gun control is worthless, since the USA has less gun violence than Yemen, a outstanding advanced democracy directly comparable to the US, thus proving that everything is A-OK, and if anything, the US has too many gun laws. Yemen, for instance, has none.

You may breth through your mouth or your nose, and if anyone criticizes u for brething thru ur mouth, even on a exoplanet, they are a asshole

He’s already posted in the ATMB thread about his suspension to whine about the unfair targeting. It’s a outright witch hunt!

His previous username made me dislike Special K.

ETA: Sorry, didn’t realize I was replying to something from a couple of weeks ago. My bad.

I don’t think it’s been mentioned in this thread, but I find DrDeth’s interest in urinals and restroom behavior to be a little, uh, “off.”

A search of his posts containing the word “urinal” produces too many hits to count. I’m not going to cite any specific examples, because yuk.

Well this certainly explains some things.

ETA: about DrDeth, not about you.

Oh, I figured that. No worries :wink:

This is the end for him. With an open invitation to report him for disruptive posts and that’s the only style he has, he can’t last long anymore.

I’m honestly not looking for DrDeth to be banned. I just wish that he would become more aware of some of his disruptive posting tendencies and his deliberately provocative abuse of the English language. As long as he persists, it’s hard to judge him to be anything but a troll.

If that’s the new standard for everyone, this place will be a ghost town.

It is not the new standard for everyone. It is specific to one poster.

With any luck it will help him be a better poster. This is a legit possibility. Worst case is it will help prevent derailments of threads via thread bans and improve the readability of the Straight Dope.

I don’t want him to be banned either, just get his head out of his ass and stop ruining perfectly good threads.

IMO, if he becomes a “better poster”, it will be luck because having read the current thread he’s banned from and the last thread that caused a problem, I’m not sure what standard you’re applying.

As you say, if anyone else argued the same points, you wouldn’t be modding them, so how does he (or anyone being asked to use this standard) know what behavior they need to avoid?

Tell you what, this is such a ridiculous question, I’ll let everyone else in this thread explain about DrDeth to you.

Mouth Breth is a whiny obnoxious cunt who got just the tiniest slice of what he deserves but of course Roo is Very Concerned. *flips vigorous double bird*

Well looky, someone is bringing something over from another board and not getting modded. Color me unsurprised.