I pit flags

Not just because the Olympics are one - this has always been a pet peeve of mine, especially when gazing at it, saluting it - whatever - is accompanied by the old hand on the heart.

Mark of a totalitarian society - one that has a flag desecration law, or some such nonsense.

There used to be a Flags & Emblems Act in Northern Ireland (dunno if it is still in force: it was in the 1950s) under which it was illegal, under certain circumstances, to display a flag of another country - e.g. the green-white-orange tricolour of the Irish Republic.

But Brits generally tend to be rather less bothered about their Union Jack than Septics are about their gaudy bit of vexillology. I’m sure you could publicly burn it, wipe your arse with it or some such desecration and the rozzers wouldn’t bat an eyelid. The only time anyone gets excited is when it is flown upside-down and some pompous twat writes to the newspapers to point out that this is a distress message.

Okay, maybe this is a stupid question, but…how can one tell that the Union Jack is being flown upside down? Isn’t the design horizontally symmetrical?

Have you seen this website, where “josh” grades the flags of the world? Very amusing. Plus, you’ll get to see the phrase “vexillilic aesthetics” used in a sentence.

Er, I’m no expert - and certainly looks symmetrical at first glance. But it’s actually not.


If you look where the thin red cross (the cross of St Patrick) sits within the white cross (of St Andrew) you’ll see what I mean.

No. The white cross is wider above the red cross on the left, and below the red cross on the right. Here’s a good site.

If I was feeling extraordinarily pedantic, I’d point out that the flag itself isn’t actually the Union Jack, it’s the Union Flag; it’s only a Union Jack when on a jackstaff. But I only know this mindbogglingly pointless bit of trivia because some pompous twat wrote in to the paper, so I’ll refrain. :slight_smile:

By the way; “septics”?

Sorry - Septic tank = Yank, colloq. a person from the United States of America or, mistakenly, a Canadian.

Hm. Simulpost with seosamh.

I generally like flags, but I’m getting sick of seeing “Old Glory” everywhere I look. The flag used to symbolize, for me, all of the good things about the U.S. Now when I see it, I think “My country, right or wrong”. That is, people seem to be wrapping themselves with the flag without thinking about whether we’re in the right. The Monkees Peter Tork said, “I don’t believe in ‘My country right or wrong’. My country wrong needs my help.” The “Stars and Stripes” has stopped seeming a symbol of hope and freedom, and has become a banner of belligerence.

:smiley: That is great. I have learnt a new word. And I want a Falklands Islands flag. Josh’s analysis is great:


So don’t salute your flag. Don’t bother me any.

I’ll continue to salute mine, however, and if you ever want to make an issue of it in real life, we can discuss your recto-cranial inversion problems then.

I love flags. My favorite page in the Almanac was always the middle, full color glossy of all the flags of the world. I’m not a big fan of the lengths people go to when they try to equate respect for flag with respect for Country. I just like looking at the pretty colors!! :slight_smile:

When my brother was in Vietnam, one of his fellow soldiers wrote a letter to each of the 50 state governors, saying that he was from their state and would love to have a state flag to remind him of home. He got all 50 flags.

Thanks for the URL, laina_f. However, I must disagree with Josh on the flag ratings. My favorite part of the almanac is the flag section, too.

Coolest flags:

United States- classic design although the world’s most changed flag.

Confederate Battle Flag- Although what it stood for is not admirable, as a graphic design it rocks.

United Kingdom- another great graphic design.

Greece- does a lot with just two colors

Canada- simplicity and symmetry


Libya- No graphics at all

any flag with a star between the horns of a crescent moon- astronomically impossible.

Why do you refer to an entire group of people as septics? Do you have something against us in particular or are you just an all around asshole?


My sentiments exactly. My in-laws are a bunch of flag-waving maniacs. I shudder when the subject comes up because I think they’re behaving like a bunch of air-headed lemmings, following the ignorant masses. My husband is a Vietnam era combat vet, so I know all about the sacrifice of the fighting forces and the evil of the Red Menace and blah, blah, blah. That doesn’t mean we’re automatically right because we’re American and it certainly doesn’t mean you know your constitution just because you fly a colorful piece of fabric on a stick.

Don’t get me started…

All in all, the Panama flag rules. Simple, nice colors and it is quite unique.

Of course the American state of Maryland is another favorite of mine.

Are you a dolt, are do you prefer to call someone an asshole because you don’t understand rhyming slang?

No, I’d rather call someone an asshole for being an insulting twit, rhyming slang or no. Calling Americans “septic tanks” is no less insulting because it rhymes. Putz.

It’s not nice, but it is a widely used term, used by many Australians to refer to Americans. It is rhyming slang, which may be the only thing that redeems it.