I pit how I look on camera.

I would actually quite enjoy being a youtube blogger if…

I didn’t look like an evil paedophile axe-murdering rapist on camera.
And didn’t sound… well… I can’t even attach a comparison to how I sound. I sound like someone who makes other people cringe when I speak (because I cringe when I hear it)

The only creative part of myself that I am capable of admiring is the stuff I type on a keyboard. That stuff you can take your time with, and you can edit it too.

I look fucking horrible on camera. The lighting doesn’t help. The one pic of myself that I think is ok was taken in sunny daylight with an expression on my face that isn’t “miserable fuck” because on that day I had my bro and his family with me.

Enough with the pointless Pit threads, Lobsang. This is a formal warning to stop using the boards as your personal blog.