I Pit "I Pit..."

There are five subject titles on the front page that start “I Pit…” (althugh one has been moved).

C’mon people!!! Think of something else, maybe “J’Pitte”. You are in the pit we know you are pitting something. That’s like going to MPSIMS and starting a thread, “I must share this mundane, pointless stuff about…”

We are all friends here, well most of us, anyway, so I will refrain from calling you all goat felchers, just misguided, :stuck_out_tongue: Let’s pick up the pace, leave 110% on the field, put our best foot forward and never give in. You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth! Forget it Dopers, it’s Chinatown!

This OP makes me wish I could drink at work too. You are one lucky Octopus!

It’s better than “In which (poster) pits (whatever they’re pitting)…”

Haven’t seen that in a while, though, unless I’m just not looking.

Or “Resolved: Blah, blah.” Lame high school debate format, that’s what that is.

Nothing beats the simple elegance of “Fuck ___________”.

Unless perhaps you add “six ways from Sunday”, “and the horse /he/she/it rode in on”, “up every conceivable orifice with rusty farming implements”, etc. etc.

You should take your own advice brother.

I pit people who pit the phrase “I pit”.

And the horse they rode in on. :slight_smile:


I found it amusing that when I saw this thread the next 4 threads started with “I pit”.

I pit…“I pit”
But no one gives a shit
My thread provokes
Nothing but jokes
I pit…“I pit”…


I pet dogs.
I putt golf balls.
I put on the ritz.
I pot plants.
I peet moss.
I pit bulls.
I pat myself on the back.

You can’t just pit bulls without giving us a goddamn reason!! Put some substance in your post, jerk!

At least he’s not pitting cows. At least not in this thread.

Maybe he’ll start an udder thread, detailing his beef.

I herd what he’s saying.

Sure…Let’s see a few more “…with the rage of a thousand suns…” pittings.

I pit cherries and olives.

I pit my thongue piting into a pagel while I wath reading thith.

You have bagels? All we had were seedheads, and we had to grind them with our teeth!

It’s quick and witty responses like this that show why you’re on the “A Team” of SDMB posters!