I Pit Magiver

Hey, @Magiver, I know you’re a fucking idiot who doesn’t know how to start a new thread, so I figured I could help you out. To create a new topic, there’s a button that says “+ New Topic” on the upper right of the page. With the skin I’m using, it’s blue, but if you tell me which skin you use, I’ll be happy to switch over and tell you what it looks like.

I know you want to steer my thread in the direction you want, but your bullshit right-wing theory that Cuomo is in trouble for putting nursing home patients back into nursing homes during the pandemic has already been ripped to shreds several times by a very patient @Saintly_Loser, who really has the patience of a saint.

Why don’t you start your own thread and explain to us all how Cuomo fucked up and how good the federal response was. Do it in the Pit, please, so we can further share our thoughts on your intelligence, your news sources, Trump’s pandemic skillz, and throw in other GQP governors who learned nothing from the disaster in the East Coast and reopened too early, invited bikers to come in an put their state right at the top of the deaths and cases list, and overrode local mask and distancing mandates.

I’ve asked politely that you leave your bullshit right-wing spin out of the thread. You’ve already been mod-noted, so here’s hoping you draw a warning for coming right back to it.

You’re so spun up in right-wing bullshit. Get better news sources, or at least learn something while you’re reading the threads here.

Sorry, I’m not good at starting Pit threads, but I’m just fucking done with this asshole trying to spin my thread about Cuomo into some right-wing fantasyland.

Oh, I see you’re back, justifying the responses to your bullshit. Here’s hoping for multiple warnings!

You’re arguing with a guy that has delusions of important knowledge.
See also: Benghazi, Notre Dame, and I’m sure others I’m not remembering.

I’m trying not to argue with that idiot, but he keeps trying to move the thread in his bullshit direction.

Hey, he got a warning! Sweet.

Has anyone ever seen Magiver and DrDeth in the same place at the same time? Just wondering.

Well, they’re both obstinate idiots who don’t know what their talking about, but, wait, what was the third thing again?

So, Magiver is still talking about nursing home deaths after being noted and warned. I wonder if he’ll get a suspension or at least a thread ban.

The most tribal of right-wingers hang all their hopes on the decision to send COVID positive patients back to nursing homes and not canceling Chinese New Year in NYC last March. See, those two things, if talked about loudly and longly enough, will cancel out the appalling debacle of the Federal response. Like magic. So any chance of talking about them must be taken.

According to the guy too stupid to figure out how to start his own thread, the Federal response was wonderful.

The other things right wing idiots are also probably trying to distract from is Florida’s terrible response, South Dakota’s motorcycle rally, and so on. All of those states had the benefit of learning from the mistakes that NY, NJ, and CT made and chose to just ignore it all.

BTW, people always mention the crap about eating in Chinatown or the Chinese New Year - is there any actual evidence that Chinese American neighborhoods and communities like this actually contributed to the spread or is it just racism?

I think it’s more than that. I think they basically want to say that 500k dead was largely the result of “political correctness”. It’s the whole narrative of “liberals won’t admit cold hard facts out of fear of being called racist”, so somehow it’s “They didn’t want to cancel Chinese New Year because they didn’t want to acknowledge that it was the ‘Chinese Virus’ and if they were just willing to admit Dirty Chinese were the problem, this wouldn’t have happened, but they were so scared of the PC police”. It’s an unhappy coincidence that the debate became about Chinese New Year, which gives it it’s oomph: a week later, it would have been St. Patrick’s Day.

Ima go with racism. New York was first hit hard by a version that came through Italy.

Plus, aren’t most folks in Chinatown actual from Hong Kong or Kowloon? I think Cantonese is the language of choice in older Chinatowns, not Mandarin.

Well, yes, of course it’s racism, but it’s racism with an extra dollop of “anti-racists will kill us all with their snowflake sensibilities! Racists who aren’t afraid to admit the plain truth are the only ones competent enough to govern!”

I’ve always thought - Scylla socks. (sure, before my time, but from the dredged-up posts I’ve seen…)

It is. San Francisco’s Chinatown is the grandfather of them all and I don’t think I’ve ever overheard Mandarin spoken there. One Bay-area restaurant critic said the peninsula is like China upside down because almost all Chinese restaurants are Cantonese in San Francisco but as you head south they grow thinner and by the time you get to San Jose, you find a lot of Sichuan and Shandong and have to go looking for your old-time favorites.

Around here (Chicago) I don’t remember any chatter about Chinese New Year, but I do remember idiots being reprimanded for not taking shit seriously during St Patrick’s Day, when we really knew the shit was starting to hit the fan.

Chinese New Year was the first week of February in 2020, when there was not yet a single recorded case in NYC. And AFAIK, it isn’t considered to have accelerated COVID infections in the US. But it still gets brought up all the time as a tu quoque .

Right. Congreswoman Nydia Velázquez said, “My message is to come in to Chinatown, enjoy the culture, diversity and food and have a great time,” in early February and there is no reason to believe that this made the NYC corona outbreak any worse.

Cuomo’s directive to nursing homes wasn’t perfect, but on balance it probably saved a lot of lives.

It’s pretty bonkers to stick with these things as examples of Dems bungling COVID while insisting that the Trump admin got it right.

Nah, no way. Unless he’s doing a bang-up job of not blowing his cover. (Plus Scylla’s writing could be brilliant when he stuck to observational humour. I do miss that.)

Not just the Trump administration, but Trump-sympathetic state administrations.

Spring break in Fort Lauderdale? The Sturgis motorcycle rally? The Daytona motorcycle rally? Lifting all restrictions in Texas?

Those are all fine and good, because Governors DeSantis, Noem, and Abbot were never going to challenge Trump about anything.

But Cuomo was perceived, rightly or wrongly (wrongly, in my opinion*) as a future Democratic presidential challenger, and, as it turned out, a 2024 Trump opponent. So he had to be taken down, and the phony nursing home issue (the order requiring nursing homes to accept residents returning from hospitalization, not the coverup) was the story that would do it.

And then Cuomo managed to provide the rope with which to hang him, but the MAGA people can’t back off the nursing home bullshit now, they’re too heavily invested. So it won’t die. It can be debunked endlessly, like the election fraud stories, but it won’t die. Facts just don’t matter to these people.

*Ages ago, before all this came up, people here at SDMB would occasionally mention Cuomo as a possible presidential contender. I responded that, in my opinion, he could never stand up to the kind of scrutiny he’d get as a national candidate, for a number of reasons. Whaddaya know, I was right. A little bit, anyway. I thought it was the corruption in his administration that would get him (and it still might have, if the creepy sexual stuff and the nursing home coverup hadn’t gotten him first).

I listen to right wing talk shows on occasion (when there is nothing else to listen to) and I’ve heard the nickname “Governor Grandma-Killer”. Which shows that they’re about on the level of junior high school students.