Magiver, you are being stupendously, but unsurprisingly, stupid in the Benghazi thread.

Why do the mods allow this thread to live on? Our friend Magiver has shown no inclination to listen to logic, reason, facts, or anything else that goes against his preconceptions of Obama Administration misbehavior, and repeatedly presents scenarios that are unworkable at best and, at worst, completely insane. Special Forces on minibikes? Strafing crowds in a city of people who mostly like the US? I’ve heard of Obama Derangement Syndrome, but this is bad enough for me to fear for his sanity. Nobody can be that stupid, can they? (Don’t answer that.)

I realize that it is not the duty of the board’s administration to protect us from ourselves, that they provide enough rope for us to hang ourselves, but here Magiver is presenting clinical levels of Crazy Stupid and needs to be figuratively put out of his misery like a Danish giraffe. He has enough rope to hang himself and his issue, unto the third and fourth generations. We should show some charity toward one of our own and stop this now, because he has lost all understanding of how reality works.

Any clusterfuck that prompted that simile can’t be all bad.

What the hell do you have against Danish giraffes?

At least Magiver isn’t saying we should have sent AC-130s in … but yeah, pretty crazy … I wonder how much of an ACA subsidy Magiver gets?

One should perhaps ask the Danes that question…

What he needs is to have a chimpanzee slap him on both sides of his head at the same time, 3 Stooges-style. The old “Double Moe”.

The resulting shock wave will reverberate through his cranium until his head explodes like a watermelon dropped from a high rise.
Or, you know, not. :wink:

Holy shit, I hadn’t realized that was the same guy! **Magiver **is so awesomely, entertainingly stupid, I never want him to stop posting.

Question: didn’t there used to be smart Republicans? I swear that when I was younger there were people on the right who you could disagree with but still respect. Now they’re down to **Magiver ** and Clothahump and Magellen01 and their ilk. Must be painful for all the smart former Republicans watching the crazys take over.

Wow, in a land full of tall blondes, I guess culling a few doesn’t hurt.

Wow. And I thought I already knew how stupid Magiver was.

And how stubborn.

But no, we were so-o-o-o-oooo wrong.

Guess he showed us!

Well, we still have Bricker…but he has lost a few over the years tho and is a bit light in the load now…

Well you gotta give him credit for choosing the appropriate screen name. He uses a bunch of completely random and unrelated crap to construct opinions that while laughable in the real world are sometimes entertaining.

You know, kind of like how Magellen01 couldn’t find his own ass with both hands and a flashlight.

Has Magiver had any military experience? Has he even talked to somebody about how combat or fog-of-war happens? Or is his experience limited to FPS games where the targets are marked with a health bar and some 80’s action movies?

I’m still registered as an ®, though I really have no idea why; probably because Lincoln is my biggest hero. Really, though, to the rest of my family, I’m a RINO, which is fine.

I mean, I still hold a few right-wing beliefs, but I can’t support the party in its current state, with the tea partiers and the moral majority folks being the squeaky wheel.

I was thinking about it earlier this morning, and I guess what I’d like to see is the party change from the inside, with more people like myself being vocal, but unless/until that happens, I’ll just have to vote against the Ted Cruz types in primaries, and hopefully help you guys out that way.

Weird, those are pretty much the same reasons I won’t join the Democratic Party.

I noticed that it is not very painful to watchwolf49.

After many interactions with the ones that you mentioned Evil Economist I can say that ideology is clouding their judgement, it does not matter how much the evidence clearly shows that the sources they are using are crazy and driving the crazys.

They will continue to press on with their points influenced by misguided politics and other prejudices*.

*The last two you mention have relied on racist sources repeatedly or used racist language before, AFAIK **Magiver **just sticks to non racist tea party talking points.

Dude, he works at an airport!! What more experience do you need?

I started reading the thread today, so I hope they don’t lock it yet.

Does it keep going around the same two circles - sending in support & the importance of the video - for all 24 pages?

Yeah. Except for the flying motorcycle task force. Do you really want to punish yourself by reading all that shit? Can’t you just poke yourself in the eye with a stick or something?

I’ll have you know he’s worked at an airport where he’s seen KC-135s. That obviously makes him an expert on all things military.
Honestly, the number of brainiac generals y’all have got is a dire symptom of military-industrial bloat and government waste, when you could have put a glorified luggage thrower in charge of everything.

I saw the part about the assault vespas, and am at the 30 minute time to flight in Europe now, after the brief side-trip through Mogadishu.

I take occasional breaks to read a bit of the wiki article when my head starts spinning to fast.

I don’t know why I’m so fascinated by this now, but I feel compelled to read the whole thread to see how the argument keeps shifting, and, of course, to see what got A. banned.