I pit McDonald's "McCafe" coffee drinks

It’s 9:05 and it’s been a long day already. Figuring out what to eat for breakfast at home just wasn’t happening, so I decided to indulge myself in an egg McMuffin for breakfast, because it’s Friday, and I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow, and it couldn’t hurt to go to pieces just a few hours early… Off to the McDonald’s drive-thru.

While waiting in the drive-thru line, in view of the menu, I noticed that the much-advertised “McCafe” coffee drinks have finally arrived. “Hmm” thought I. “The coffee at work really sucks ass. It’d be awesome if I could get myself a nice latte here, instead.”

So I order a latte with my egg McMuffin. The lady on the other end of the intercom even asks me if I want regular milk or nonfat. It was the first nice thing that’s happened today, so I say, “why, nonfat please!” and feel that maybe there’s hope. The cashier even called me “chiquita”.

I got to my desk at work and took a sip of my happy, nonfat, easily-procured, bound-to-taste-better-than-office-coffee latte, and what do I find? THE FUCKING THING IS SWEETENED TO WITHIN AN INCH OF ITS LIFE.

AAAARRRGHHHHHHHH!!! I KNEW that would happen. In the back of my mind, I just knew it. OG FORBID MCDONALDS SELL ANYTHING THAT ISN’T PACKED FULL OF SATURATED FAT AND HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP! Og forbid they sell something that just tastes naturally good all by itself without getting their chemistry on! It’s bad enough that my job is to sit here all day cataloguing all the disgusting food additives in the world but I CAN’T EVEN GET ME A LATTE THAT ISN’T FULL OF THEM??? FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! And now I’ve got the disgusting sweetener taste in my mouth… blllaaahhhh… gag me with a spork.

(sigh) (grumble) off to the office coffee machine. I shoulda stood in bed.

Maybe you should switch to decaf.

In other news, McDonalds sucks just as hard as ever. I don’t get why this would be a surprise; if you want real food or coffee or lattes or something, go to a coffee shop.

I actually think their coffee is one of their strong points. When we were in Las Vegas and AZ, we couldn’t find a decent cup o’ Joe except at the one hotel we stayed at that had “liquid concentrate” coffee, and McDonalds. I don’t fuck around with Latte this and frappacino that, but for a basic cup of coffee, Mickey D’s does just fine.

Once or twice a year, I’ll get a craving for McDonald’s fries. I know they are not the same since I was a youngster, fried in tallow (or whatever magical goodness they used to use), and I know the Big Mac won’t come in that neat flip-top container. But dammit, I just have to go and try.

I can’t tell you how shitty it is to get weak-assed, non-crispy, coldish, floppy fries. It’s not like the next week I’m heading back to fulfill the jones – it will be a good eight or nine months at the minimum before I’ll find my way back. I’ve gone years without good fries. :mad:

They’re not bad if you get them THE SECOND they come out of the grease. OTherwise, floppy and flavorless.

Ha! I shouldn’t laugh, but they got me too, back when their god-awful iced ones came out and I was desperate for a coffee beverage. It tasted like it didn’t have a drop of actual milk in it- just artificial creamer and corn syrup. I’ll normally drink anything if it says it’s coffee, but two sips of that thing and I felt ill.

They also serve iced coffee which is a huge deal for us Rhode Islanders, who drink it in February, who drink it in church - well, really, all the time and everywhere. Problem is, the flavoring syrup is very sweet and it’s hard to get just the right level of extra sweetness as a result. If I take it like I do at Double D the sweetness will knock me out. If I use less sweetener than at Double D, it’s not sweet enough. It’s a head scratcher, I tell ya. And, no, I’m not skipping the flavor shot. I guess I’ll just skip McDonald’s.

I’ve got quite a latte habit going and until recently had my commute route filled with choices. Starbucks, Dunn Brothers, and Caribou.
In Starbucks downsizing my location closed. Then Dunn Brothers just closed it’s doors. So now it’s a daily visit to Caribou which is fine with me.
However should they close up shop I don’t think I’d go into McCafe territory.
I’ve tried them and they are horrible just like you’ve said. Chemical taste. Like they were made from powder and hot water.

The coffee at my local McD’s is so bad that I will occasionally buy a breakfast biscuit on my way to work and then make a cup of instant when I arrive.


You have to really fuck up coffee to not have it turn out better than instant.

There’s no way I want to find out how bad they can mess up premium roast coffee.

Friends tell me you’re supposed to ask for them without salt-because then they make them fresh. I have yet to try it, so don’t take my word for it.

Or I guess you could go right before breakfast ends and wait.
For good, cheap coffee, I find nothing beats 7-11. And there’s this old guy who works at the one I visit who is just so freaking NICE.

Weird. I think McD’s coffee is better than Starbuck’s regular coffee. It ain’t no Cafe Intelligentsia coffee (the local high quality roasters), but it’s much better than one would expect it to be.

ETA: I personally haven’t had good luck with 7-11 and their coffees, but Dunkin Donuts also works well if you’re looking for that weaker diner-style coffee.

I’m with ya. I love their iced coffee. I only drink iced coffee. To me, the hot water over roasted ground beans is just a first step. I’ve got a hell of a sweet tooth, and even so, I’ve taken to asking them for JUST ONE PUMP of the syrup. Works out great.

Tasty coffee. Not bitter or üuber-roasted, like Starbucks.

My .02 cents.

I think you’re doing it wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, but I’ve heard that their [del]milk[/del]shakes are great! (vomit smilie)

I am now pitting the obnoxious, high-maintenance customer who dumped a shitload of work on my desk JUST NOW. Right before lunch, on the day right before my vacation. Fucks.

We used to do this for customers when I worked there back in the Dark Ages.

I go at rush hour if I have to have the very best fries. They keep moving them continually for a couple hours.

Mr. K was very fond of White Hen coffee. I’ve never had either. I wonder what they use?

Not that I’m a fan of McDonald’s and in fact won’t eat there, but their shakes are actually made with ice cream, made from cow’s milk (scroll down to where the shakes start). The ingredient list for the ice cream is probably similar to most supermarket or chain ice cream shop brands, barring companies like Ben & Jerry’s.

I heart their shakes. I just wish they could have the Shamrock ones year 'round.

And now you’ve gone and stuck this in the wrong thread! Poor Sattua. :slight_smile: