I pit "mild".

Here we are at the cusp of August and September, but what do I see when I look out my West L.A. window? Overcast skies.

The weather broadcasters smile at us and call this weather “mild”. I do not want “mild”, dammit! I want numbingly, mind-blowingly, catharthis-inducingly, non-long-sleeve, non-sweater-wearing hot! It’s supposed to be summer, and late August at that. I’m used to “mild” conditions in late May and early June, but after that it’s supposed to warm up. As it happened, we had about two weeks of real beach weather here, near the beach. It is an irony of Los Angeles weather that you can get all the “beach” weather you want 50 miles inland. It’s hot out there. But here, three miles away from the beach, that’s not the case.

Fucking “mild”. They can take “mild” and stuff it up their goat felching asses.

As someone who lives and works in The Valley, I am grateful for “mild”. My ability to tolerate extreme heat isn’t what it once was, and it’s no picnic having to ride buses with broken air conditioning and windows that do not open. Take an outside temp of ummmm lets’ say 110 degress, then add more heat on top of that cuz it’s inside the bus, and then add the humidity from those rude people who insist on breathing. If its a choice between getting home sick and “incoherent” from the heat or having clouds and Mild, I pick Mild. I pit August in L.A. :slight_smile:

the answer is simple. Move to the Valley. :smiley:
(Ducks and runs)

You want soul-searing, mind-numbingly oppressive heat? Come to New Orleans. There’s nothing like being without a breath of air moving with 90+% humidity below sea level when it’s 98 in the shade to persuade you that yes, it really is hot enough, thank you.

Right now I would kill for some of that West L.A. “mild” that I used to love so many months of the year! Next time I get to put on long sleeves will (maybe) be October. Count your blessings.

Bah. Here, we rejoice in the streets when it plummets to only 98.

But it’s a dry heat.

You people scare me! I can barely function in hundred-degree weather, let alone work on anything! (Then again, due to my peculiar body, 100 degrees feels more like about 115, so that’s acually even worse than it sounds)

To me, 40 degrees is optimal. I wear shorts and a t-shirt all year-round. Granted, sometimes I do wear pants and a coat, but not from personal desire. I haven’t worn long sleeves from the cold in years. Coming from VA, so not realy skewed towards either end of the scale.

You are clearly insane. Mild is obviously superior to cool, which is in turn above cold, which is way, way, way beyond hot. I moved from the oppresively hot and muggy hills of southeast Tennessee to get away from the damned heat and I love it here in the mild Pacific Northwest.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Don’t worry, Frances will be here soon enough to cool us down.

Not a chance, The Long Road. I refuse to allow that.

Although I will admit that the week of actual MILD weather we had after Charley wiped out western Florida was lovely. It was hard to enjoy, what with all the guilt over why we were having it, but five days straight in New Orleans when I could turn off my air conditioning and open the windows? Pure bliss!

I love mild. Mild is my friend. I live the aforementioned 50 miles inland, and it was wonderful to have a week in August that wasn’t over 100 degrees!

Hey, SoP! Are you going to the SoCal Dopefest?

I might. Except Liguna Niguel is a bit out of my way, so I’ll have to see.