I Pit My "Entitled" Neighbor

Before you do that, maybe see if you can talk to the bus driver - there might be a better option that neither of you neighbours have thought of yet, but the bus driver can do because they’re familiar with what the bus can do. I’m sure this isn’t the first time a bus driver has had to drive in a tight spot.

I am guessing the bus uses all the empty space to turn around (i.e. turning into one set of empty spots and then backing into the other sets to complete a 3-point turn).

She’s trying to bully you into getting her way. Don’t back down. Be proactive and suggest a reasonable compromise if you can. Try calling the bus driver or school district. But don’t let this neighbor get her way or you will have to go through this over and over again.

Of course if you’re just being dick, you have to take everything that goes with that.

I’d go with this one, if you are around when the driver comes by. Apparently, your neighbor has decided that because her life involves having to make changes for her child, the rest of the world should too. You really need to nip this in the bud before she demands other concessions from you.

An entitled neighbor? I bet she’s a Democrat, isn’t she? :smiley:

…But, seriously. Her child is autistic. I’d be a bit more understanding, even if it inconvenienced myself.

I really don’t think I am being dick about the situation. All I asked of the neighbor was to let me park on my property in the bird free zone, for a few days until the birds finished with their “berry fest” so that my car would not be covered in bird poop. I am not kidding, my car was bombed all over…expelled berries everywhere and they are not easy to get off your car.

But she won’t give an inch…says the bus absolutely has to come down into our parking spaces and do a 3 point turn. Yes, the bus driver says they have to have
all the space or they can not come down.

I really am still up in the air over what to do. It is so hard to deal with someone that has to have it totally their way. I have had to deal with too many people like that in my 60 years and I have had enough…yes it is a form of bullying with what she is doing to me. I could just as well have a house full of people and have 3 or
more vehicles down in my parking spaces, but it is just me with my car. So, she takes advantage of that fact and tells me where I can park my car. I guess it is kind of my fault, as I have tried to be understanding and park where the bus can come down and turn around.

When I have to ask her for a favor about parking…no way Jose…that is what breaks my toast.

Why? The OP said that the child can handle the short walk, why should she have to not park her car where she wants to on her property simply because her neighbor doesn’t feel like giving up an entitlement?

Don’t click on it! It’s a tarp!

Let me give you an idea of my neighbor’s sense of entitlement. Her child was potty trained at school several years ago when she was 6 years old. The mother does not want to take the time to put the child on a schedule and put her to task like the school did with the potty training. The mother even told me it was easier for her just to let her keep wearing a diaper at home than to take away from her time on the internet or what ever else she does.

Needles to say, the school potty training fell through. When I asked the mother why she would not comply with the potty training schedule along with the school, she explained to me that what went on when her child was at school was the school’s problem, not hers, and the aides at the school could just change her daughters diaper. I call that entitlement.

“But she’s autistic!” is not a compelling argument.

Autism does not entitle someone to have absolute control over another person’s environment. Autism can make a person sensitive to all kinds of things. If the little girl had ultra-sensitive hearing, would the OP have to walk on tippy-toes just so that his squeaky floors don’t wake her up at night? If the little girl had ultra-sensitive olfactory senses, would the OP have to refrain from cooking all garlic and onion-rich foods, just so that she doesn’t freak out?

No, because that’s impinging too much on the OP. Those are accomodations that a parent may make willingly because they want to make life easier for their kid. But it is not reasonable to expect the world to make the same sacrifice. At least without compensation.

And the truth is that we don’t know why the neighbor is so bent out of shape. It could have nothing to do with the kid’s sensitivity and everything to do with the mother being a control freak. Such people do exist.

What would she say if you got another car, or rented to a friend, or got married and had to use all the parking spaces? It doesn’t matter, the point is that it’s none of her fucking business what you do on your property. I agree that putting up concrete barriers would be awesome, but you might want to consider a spite fence at the same time so you don’t have to up with her stink-eye and bitchiness.

Get up early and shit on her windscreen.

I change my vote.

Offer to switch places with HER car (does she have one, have I missed this?)

Is the parking spot on your physical property and not an easement or public street?

If so, I say tell them to go fuck themselves.

If not, then they may have some grounds to ask you to please not park there, but it would still come down to your choice and not theirs.

Or, if the OP knows someone with a boat or RV that needs a spot to park for a while…

see if she will let you park on her lawn, then the street will be open…

Say no. Park where you are legally entitled to. End of story.

Obviously it is within your right to park in your own spots. But I would recommend trying to avoid a neighbor war if it all possible. Those do not usually end well, especially for the more rational party. No matter what, it sounds like you both share a driveway, so you will have to deal with her as long as you both live there. A crazy person has a lot more time to spend being crazy and doing things to annoy you. So the tarp or some other compromise may be a worthwhile accommodation, but clearly this is also based on how much you are willing to give, and how crazy/entitled you believe her to be.

The lesson being, once the war has started, don’t be the rational party.

I’d just keep parking where you need to park, but be perfectly pleasant about it unless she escalates. Say “I’d like to accommodate you, but doing so may damage the paint on my car and bring me considerable expense. While the birds are active, there is going to be a little inconvenience.” If she wants to buy a car tarp for you, or offers to wash your car once the bus comes, and you want to put up with the hassle, that might be a compromise. If she says this means you don’t care about her child, point out that your past behavior does mean that you DO care, however, caring for her child is not your responsibility, caring for your car is your responsibility.

I say ‘no tarp, park the car in the other spaces’, at least until/unless the mom across the street asks in such a way that acknowledges Tupelo is doing her a favor.

I respect TupeloRose for having always been cooperative and obliging in the past, but it sounds like the person she’s been obliging isn’t the least bit appreciative. Also, what if TupeloRose decided to get a second car/boat/had company/etc., all of which are absolutely 100% plausible and reasonable things to do- and had no choice but to use those parking spaces?

The autistic kid’s mom needs to understand that while she has been dealt a bad hand and it sucks, it’s nobody else’s problem. I’d be less harsh if the kid had to be conveyed in a wheelchair or whatever and I’m guessing so would Tupelo, but she’s not. And I’m all about helping others whenever I can as half of a social see-saw but the neighbor has a responsibility in that also, which is to evidence appreciation and acknowledge in times such as this that her neighbor is doing her a favor. Personally, I think it’s the neighbor who should be posting on some message board “what can I do for this problem?”, or bringing Tupelo a tarp and asking- politely- if she would mind using it.

I’m also guessing Tupelo isn’t the only person she expects to act like it’s their duty to accommodate her special needs and those of her child, and she needs to learn some humility. One day she’s going to meet somebody who will not just say ‘no’ but ‘Hell No!’ and for no reason any more legitimate than “the law says I don’t have to and I don’t want to”, and perhaps then she’ll appreciate those who voluntarily oblige a bit more.

Does the child go to regular school or to a special needs school?