I Pit My "Entitled" Neighbor

Switch parking spots with her is the best suggestion, so HER kid doesn’t have to be jostled, but HER car is the one that pays the price, seems only fair.

In disclosure I should add that most people would probably say that I really am a nice guy who’ll go out of his way to help you if he likes you, but that I’m also a bit of a nut when it comes to my personal property and that I’m actually kind of scary when dealing with rude people.

Park where you want. Ignore her.

I wonder how much this sensitive child would like watching you shotgun your bird problem.

I want to third the switch car spots with her. The kid isn’t inconvenienced, and she realizes how unpleasant cleaning bird shit off a windshield is. It’s win win.

Fourthed. If she balks, offer to use a car cover … that she provides and maintains.

I refuse to even think about switching parking spots with her. Both the neighbor and her husband both park their vechicles in their front yard which has turned into a mud pit. They don’t even have a paved driveway area, and refuse to put down any crusher stone or anything to park their vechcles on. Their front yard looks like tabacco road. They park in their front yard so they do not have to take up any parking spaces in the bus turnaround area.

They get their fair share of bird poop on their cars from parking them in their front yard as there are a lot of trees, but they don’t care.

I would be embarassed to drive my car off the premises with all the brid poop on it. Well, it really is almost impossible to do so with all the crap that is all over the windows.

I also refuse to deal with a car tarp. That thing would be absolutely filty and disgusting to have to deal with, much less with the worry of some type of avain disease possibly lurking around with all the bird crap that accumulate on it in such a short period of time.

Hell, this situation just really stays under my skin, but I am reluctant to unleash a whole new level of crazy of this neghboor. Just this week, her in North Carolina, some neighbor got shot to death by his neighbor over a cell phone swap gone bad. She does not have a gun that I know of, but I do.

Oy, this is quite the pickle.

You are 100% in the right. Public street = everyone gets to park where they damn well please.


Is this truly worth what could easily become a full-blown neighbor war? These have a tendency to not end well.

Also I detect some underlying hostility that you’ve been holding back for some time. Is that now manifesting in this car-parking situation?

I can’t tell you one way or another as to what you should do but you might want to ponder a bit on these points.

Ask yourself: WWGeorgeWashington do with an inconvenient berry tree ?

Park where you want it is your property. Do not give in to bullies (and yes I view your neighbor as a bully.)

And I suggest you look at a home security camera system. I recently say a 16 camera DVR system available at a club store for $399. A few well placed, visible cameras go a long way to protecting yourself and your property.

Not sure why the bus driver can’t back down the driveway right from the road.

Thanks for all the replies and feedback. I am a rational person and will not make any hasty decisions on this situation. I do know that I am cutting this neighbor off my list of acquantiances as I have had it with her Me, Me, Me attitude.

Like I posted earlier, I have have gone out of my way to accomadate her demands on the bus situation. I ask her for consideration of my alternative parking for a few days because of the bird crap and she will not hear of it. I don’t need a bitch like that in my life anymore.

Karma can be a bitch and it is going to come back to bite her in the ass. The next time she has an emergency and needs me to get her kid off the bus or whatever else she may ask of me…sorry…no more favors from me.

Again, I appreciate the exchange of ideas. You guys have a great weekend.

Ditto to everything on this. AND, if you can’t afford $399 for a security camera system, the next best thing is (and I’m actually serious) something that looks like a security camera system til you can afford one. You can buy themfor a few dollars and they’re indistinguishable from the real ones as they’re basically the same shell just without the ‘innards’.

Autism is a spectrum disorder, and it runs in families. Isn’t it possible that the mother may have a touch of it herself, and it may actually bother her a lot to change her routine a little? That doesn’t help you, it’s just something to think about.

Actually, the mother has been labeled a psychopath by her psycho dr. Really, I am not making this up. As you may know, psychopaths are very adept in manulapiting people. It is all about their world, and what you have to offer them.
That is part of the reason why she is such a loon.

Did she actually tell you she’s a psychopath? That’s…bold.

First mistake, you asked for her consideration when it fact it was you who had been giving all the consideration.

I am one of the nicest, sweetest and most accommodating people on earth, but when someone pulls entitlement shit with me, it’s over.

If it were me, I would have said “neighbor, just an fyi, the birds are going all over my car while the berries are out so I have decided to park in a different spot until the berries are gone.”

Then when she started behaving as if you have to clear this with her, a simple “I don’t mean to be rude, but I am telling you what I am going to do, not asking you for permission. It’s my property and my decision.” Then walk away.

If she kept it up after that, I would probably throw in a “It appears that the place you have chosen to live is not suitable for your child’s needs. Have you thought about moving?”

And while I understand that autistic people, kids or adults, don’t like change, it’s unavoidable and unrealistic to think others are going to always be accomodating, and this is a very small thing. If having to get off 60 feet away is too much for her, she doesn’t need to be riding a bus to begin with; her mother can drive her to and from school.

Word. And at risk of being pitted, some (certainly not all, mind, but some) special needs people or parents of special needs kids, especially of the mental special needs variety, are the world’s worst about expecting everybody to roll over for them and to ignore totally obnoxious behavior as if it’s their birthright. I really am happy to oblige until the first time that you act like I owe it to you.

She actually let me read some of her psycho dr. notes about her. Really, you can’t make this stuff up. Yes, she is a certified psychopath, and from what I have read, most phycos are not dangerous if they are on the right meds. Kinda scary still.

Here is what I have decided to do since she refuses to reason with me.
I am calling the local superindendentant of school bis transportation and explain my situation to him. He will then have to inform the neighbor, that the school system tries to provide the least instrictive environment for the child by picking up the child as close to their home as possible. This stipulation however can not be followed through if the actions of the school bus should infringe upon a neighbor’s parking area being filled, and they have no legal right to use private property as turning area for bus. Sweet and simple, at least she will hear it from someone other than me.

Buy a car tarp or piss off psycho neighbor. Hmmmm, choices.