I pit my inability to refrain from posting...

…even where it’s obvious I and others are being baited by a nitwit who has more time than brains.

The Wart Charmer thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=435073

The inanity of thought process and the tone obviously belong to an owner who is stubbornly uneducable and enjoying every moment of attention from those willing to persuade him otherwise.

Posting more than once in response is evidence of sickness. But like a wet cowpie asking to be stepped in time and again just for the joy of watching it squish out all over, I find myself getting drawn back to splash in it again.

I recognize doing so only imparts some pittance of meaning to what is probably an otherwise significance-free life, and I pit myself for doing so.

Poor you. Though I like the first response you gave to the OP. Maybe you should take it to heart in all your discussions, when your own ignorance and lack of imagination tempts you to jump to conclusions that are conveniently comforting to you.

Thank you.

I feel better much now, Mr. Brat. :slight_smile: