I pit my sleepy brain (mild TMI alert)

I got a mosquito bite on the side of my foot the other day. I think the little bastard got me while I was washing my car wearing sandals.

It doesn’t bother me most of the time, but whenever I put on or take off my shoes or socks, it gets rubbed, and starts itching like crazy.

Last night, I took my socks off before going to bed, and of course the damn thing started itching. I was tired, and cranky, and sick of it, and so I started scratching it with the ball of my other foot. This only made it itch more, but perversely it also felt better. I scratched it harder. Again, the itching increased, but the pleasurable feeling did as well, and so I entered into bit of a positive feedback loop, scratching harder and harder.

Now, the skin of the balls of my feet is fairly thick, tough, and rough, like sandpaper. The skin on the side of my feet, where the mosquito bite is, is rather thin, smooth and soft. I did not see the problem until it was too late. My sleepy brain, perhaps somewhat bored and not quite ready to settle down, continued to command my right foot to scratch my left.

After a while, I felt a strange sensation, like there was some kind of dirt or debris between my two feet. Around the same time I realized it was actually my SKIN being rubbed raw and peeling off, my foot starting stinging like crazy.

I got out of bed, turned the light on, and discovered that I had just given myself the nastiest rug/friction burn I’ve ever had while scratching a mosquito bite. Now, about 18 hours later, it’s about an inch square, and is blistering, oozing and looking nasty just like a second degree burn.

Message from awake brain to sleepy brain: you’re a FUCKING IDIOT!

Yeah , But it felt good when you were doing it , Huh ? :slight_smile:

Medical note (complete with TMI-style image link):

Keep on scratching that spot and you could wind up with this lesion.

Not pretty.