I Pit Myself....

Why the fuck am I so lazy? I have many and “informed” opinion but rather than take the time to read through an entire thread and make a very opionated and debate-starting comment I get half-way through the thread and decide, “There is way too much shit to read, I’m done”
Take same process from above and apply to me getting just about anything done. :smack:

Off to MPSIMS.

Really? I didn’t even get the right forum? I even put thought into that one. :confused:


Yeah, even your screen-name is lazy!

Woa Woa Woa! Attack the laziness and personality as much as you want thats why I made the thread, but leave the superior screen-name be!

There was a thread a while back (but I’m too lazy to look it up) asking how many people start posts or read through threads and abandon the threads or posts before actually posting.

Let’s just say we’re lucky that any threads get any posts, ever… based on the responses in that thread! :smiley:

You are not alone…