I pit "normal" "good" Republicans for pretending that you're not enabling traitors

I think what some of them are hoping for is to chase all the rats off, and let the rats run as independents (or in a new Trumplican Party). They want to retain the Republican brand, as the think it may retain some value. (idiots who vote R without reading, thinking or showing any signs of awareness)

I think that rather than chase them off, they want to keep the rats’ votes, and that means pretending like some of the rats’ horrible views don’t exist. Of course that leads to humoring some of their views, which moves the whole party’s platform in that direction. At least I think that is what happened with the Republican’s reaction to the Tea Party faction.

Will the Republican leadership have the courage to alienate lots of their core voters by disavowing Trump’s racists and anti-American agenda? I guess that is the whole question of this thread.

I don’t know much about Schwarzenegger’s politics but he’s always seemed like a “good Republican”. Nevertheless, according to people in this topic he (like me) is “a fucking traitor” who can “go to hell”. “By staying in the party”, Schwarzenegger is “supporting the party”. He “is part of an insurrectionist party, and one that needs to be crushed absolutely”. Maybe “Schwarzenegger has been a good Republican”, but he isn’t any more because “[t]here are no good Republicans anymore”. It has been said that “[t]here’s no room to be a good person in the modern Republican party”. He’s a “fascist”.

Schwarzenegger seems to think the party can be reformed and is ‘fighting the good fight’. I, for one, retain my party membership purely as a vehicle for suffrage in local politics. I don’t think either of us are enabling traitors.


I don’t think so either, but I really hope you (and the others like you) get cracking to take active, positive actions to kick the actual traitors out of your party. Because just sitting back and disapproving of them from afar will not work, IMO.

I don’t think that Republicans should leave their party en masse. I think they should reclaim their party, and work to restore it. It can happen.

Hey, that’s what I’m doing today! Bro!

There are Republicans, conservatives not in public office. I have no problem with any of them that have not trafficked in lies and gaslighting.

Do you believe that Joe Biden will be the legitimate 46th President of the United States?

Do you understand that only a handful of Congressmen from the bluest districts in the country are in favor of anything resembling “Socialism” and no one’s going to come after your stuff?

Do you understand that Democrats love America just as much as you do?

If so, we’re good. We can talk.

But the greater problem is the people in office with an R after their name, people loosely connected via the organization called the Republican National Committee.

That organization has been radicalized. They push conspiracy theories instead of developing considered policy positions and legitimate platforms. They have replaced the party leadership throughout the country with extremists who run extremists candidates for state and local offices. Many of these candidates won.
Trump cronies replaced the old fundraising platforms for the RNC with their own platform run by cronies. Not only is it corrupt, it’s been used to raise funds used towards the insurrection.

I know there are Republicans that aren’t condoning civil war, or something that looks like it, but they have to figure out how to cut ties. Not just the philosophical and moral ones, but financial and logistical ones.