I Pit oldoaktree

Continuing the discussion from I pit Myself, Oldoaktree:

It’s not that easy to escape a pitting.

  1. You opened a P&E topic by addressing your "poor delusional liberal friends", i.e. the people who had the misfortune of opening your topic.

    But my poor delusional liberal friends have always been pro Judicial activism.

    Now, we have a majority conservative court. Have your thoughts changed?

    That effectively poisoned the well.

  2. You claimed not to be interested in debating any particular case,

    Individual cases are not what i am trying to discuss.

    Then your very next post invites a hijack about a specific case, (Griswold v. Connecticut)

    where is the right to privacy in the Constitution?
  3. You claim that nobody is addressing something you brought up,

    what nobody seems to want to address is that SCOTUS is now majority conservative.

    When many people had actually addressed that, as pointed out by Kimstu in the next post. This indicates either you did not comprehend their posts, or you did not read them in good faith, or you think you have some sort of persecution complex. You did in fact reply to those posts, which rules out #1 and #2.

  4. You repeatedly claim that the topic is about whether it is wrong for the courts to have enough power to carry out judicial activism,

    ya think maybe the Supreme Court shouldn’t have so much power?

    Why should they have that power?

    that’s my point. SCOTUS should not have that power whether liberal or conservative.

    Then when I cite Thomas Jefferson as agreeing with you, you shit on that debate and revert to 'actually this discussion is about liberals being hypocrites',


    What I am trying to get at, and you refuse to acknowledge, is that the Judicial Activism, which liberals have been so warm too, now might be reversed.

    Liberal Court: Gay marriage is legal
    Liberals: yeah for Judicial Activism

    Conservative Court: Gay marriage is illegal
    Liberals: : boo for Judicial Activism

  5. You are a sophist, and a lazy one. Your posts usually lack capitalization and punctuation. They are often one line posts, and often one line questions. You don't make cites. But when you want to you can post perfectly fine. Then again, when you want to post well, you get snarky.

    The force is strong with you my young apprentice, you just need to be guided. I can show you the ways of the moderate republican force. You see it but don’t understand it. Together we can rule the SDMB.

For someone who has been lurking for years, you really don’t get it, do you? Or maybe you aren’t here to make friends. Do you get a kick out of being piled on?


Shouldn’t this thread be closed down? The other one opened up.

I approve this pitting, as it’s never fun when someone measures themselves for their own cross.

Cite? oh wait. You don’t make cites.


Not gonna participate in this thread.

That’s a shame, because my entire OP is constructive criticism… except the last two sentences.


This returning trock couldn’t be more obvious. Up your game Oaky, and then go play in traffic.


Thanks for doing the Lord’s work here, @Max_S. Nothing else to do except hit ignore, walk away, and let the mods clean up any remaining debris. Who has the sawdust pail and the shovel?

@oldoaktree if you don’t want to be seen as a sock/troll maybe you shouldn’t act exactly like one, just saying…

I get the decided impression it’s not an act.

I haven’t seen anything that would indicate otherwise.

Someone better than me can tell if it’s a sock and a troll or just a troll, but it’s already a boring troll.

Because it’s not the one you started?

You guys didn’t even mention his thread in Thread Games!

His obvious goal in asking “If the US was taken over by China, would you fight back?” was to prove that conservatives are macho he-man types, while liberals are snivelling cowards (and pro-Communist to boot!)…

To his credit, about halfway through the thread he flat admitted that was his goal in asking, which surprised the hell out of me. I think he wants to be persecuted by all of us liberal meanies for his conservative viewpoint… and so far his martyrdom has been denied.

This guy is screaming ‘sock!’

I believe you. But, could you please provide a link? I don’t feel like wading through even half that thread

Here you go:


I considered that it could also be to point out that gun happy conservatives are so stupid they’d think these self-styled patriots could stand up to the might of a large, competent military. Instead of being mowed down before they knew what happened to them.

If it was the first, I think I confounded him by saying I, a fuzzy-headed liberal, would fight. Maybe inadvertantly proving liberals are the stupid ones.