I pit online dating

Holy crap, it’s enough to believe that there are no real people left online.

I’ve put up an ad, this time in my area, so noone from the States or Europe or Western Canada will write me, who do I get??? another freakin “African” trying to scam me. I can’t count the times this has happened. Either I stick around long enough to get asked for money. Really dude you really think that two weeks of email exchanges and msn messenger discussions is enough to get me in love enough to part with my hard earned money?

Not only that but when you call them on their bullshit, they call YOU names.

I am so pissed right now it’s hard to put my thoughts in order and remain relatively polite.

Had to share!!!

Replies that I get that say h o t m a i l get deleted immediately.

Well I just blew one off, after the whys and give me a chance, I sent a detailed email (on the site we didn’t make it to personal emails) explaining why his scam was not working, surprisingly I didn’t get a reply back and I feel a whole lot calmer :slight_smile:

Fantastic how venting helps at time

The internet is full of scammers – because enough people fall for it to make it worth it. Sadly ridding the world of stupid people is not that easy.

It’s not clear where you live, but wouldn’t it be easier to find people on the dating site and write to them? Just putting up a profile and waiting for e-mails is going to attract some level of spam.

It’s also not clear what site you’re using, are you on craigslist? Maybe you need to use a better moderated site (and more local, like a local newspaper site).


That seems to be the usual course of action when one can’t find a date, yes.

What SpaceDog said. What I did.

Signed, Happily cohabitating for 7 yrs. with my internet fella.

Sorry that happened to you. Around 2005, I was a part of a message board. One of the women on that message board scammed a guy out of $3,000 for saying she was in love with him and promising to do all types of kinky sh*t with him. The guys from that board start spamming the board I was a part of. However, I always knew there was something “funny” about that girl. The best was she said he was bothering her and she didn’t know why and then the truth with screen shots came out.

I met DH on Fidonet, and that worked out OK. :slight_smile:

Fidonet? It’s true what they say then?

SpaceDog: I didn’t have time to write to anybody LOL that scammer wrote as my profile went up. I’m in Montreal and the site I used was crap anyways which I knew signing up but I was bored… and being bored is very very bad for me!

Kobal2: LOL yeah well I don’t think he enjoyed that kind :wink:

Ladies I’m very happy things worked out for you online, I know a quite a few people for whom it worked out also and are happily married and have kids. But for some reason, I’m the bastard magnet LOL

It wasn’t the first time, but yesterday I just got really annoyed and had to vent and I do thank the board for it’s usual support!

BTW I took down my profile from the site!

Hey! Ye’r only a 5 hour drive away from me!

OK, that would be me. Never mind. You don’t want me… :frowning:

Well, maybe the Nigerian prince is just lonely.

Which site were you on jools? I found OKCupid worked well for me, if you’re looking for recommendations.

Or this thread are a helpful bunch :slight_smile:

I fully endorse this pitting. Reading profiles on okcupid was depressing. Pick two, or usually, one:

[li]Employed and has prospects for life.[/li][li]Literate and can describe herself better than ‘I like having fun and being awesome.’[/li][li]Pictures remotely accurate.[/li][li]Understands that there is no millionaire 6’4" Prince Charming coming to rescue her.[/li][/ol]

The site was (which I was on for exactly 4 four days LOL) was MSN Rencontres, mostly in French (dead give away when the guy used google translate to write in French…)

Anybody who is willing to cross oceans to meet me after one e-mail is deleted, I’m not pretty or that nice :slight_smile: