I pit OpalCat - but my heart's not really in it.

and then got fucking snippy about it when someone said “it’s one page,” pulling in her patented “I have TRAUMA and you can’t EXPECT ME to read when my mommy made me do that and waa.”

And you’re missing the fact that she does shit like this all. the. time. She constantly demands that people do her intellectual work for her. The wolf thing and the cracked.com thing are only a couple of examples of MANY.

Opal is the one who constantly demands that the board psychoanalyzes her. Almost every time she posts something, whether it’s a thread she starts or a response in someone else’s thread, she throws in yet another tale of Woe and Trauma. She rarely comes right out and says “therefore, board, therapize me” but the legions of sycophants are always happy to provide her with the attention and huggles that she craves.

Ignore her? Have you paid attention lately? She’s maniacally (and manically) posting about every thought that drifts through the transom of her mind. Putting her on ignore would leave huge chunks of missing space in almost every forum on this board. She regularly manages to manipulate threads so that they become focused on her. It’s like trying to ignore a yapping chihuahua with an implanted voicebox amplifier.

I didn’t start this Pit thread. Sorry if you feel that for whatever reason, the person who did didn’t meet your personal needs.

and with post #20 we have a touching pitting! Poor Opal.


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lol wow I feel dumb.

Is there a shorter version of your post?

No, dare I say it? It’s lupus.

Will you just read the link fer Christ’s sake.


Yeah, I know you weren’t smart enough to read about masturbation as a kid, but you’re doing it wrong. I know your own message board where you have multiple threads dedicated to bashing this woman is just not enough for you, but taking it here isn’t going to help your sexual frustration.

Fucking hell, BigT I am NOT going to allow off board topics in my pit of OpalCat. I don’t give a shit about who said what on another board. Maybe I should narrow this down.

I am pitting OpalCat for being lazy and using her time to complain rather than learn. I do not want it to expand beyond that. Do not go there.

I suppose that goes for you too, Giraffe.

Wouldnt have killed her to read the link, wouldnt have killed you to cite more clearly, attacks does not normally automatically = deaths.


They kinda do when labeled “fatal attacks”.

But, well, I admit a bit of sloppiness for not putting the word “fatal” in my post about how it was twelve worldwide and two in North America. But fucking A, she even said she couldn’t be bothered to read the link. I am not letting her off the hook because I didn’t spoon feed her enough, The title of the fucking table did say “fatal”.

The link goes straight to ‘2010’, to see the title with ‘fatal’ in it you have to scroll up and its only titled ‘attacks’ in the link as well.

So I agree there was some laziness involved but it was fairly easy to misread it with how you presented it. Just bad luck on your part rather than laziness on reflection though, as you quite reasonably assumed the table title would be at the start of the link I suspect.

So on review I blame Opal and Wikipedia.

What he said.

I don’t see where Giraffe mentioned another board.

Yeah, let’s keep talking about something after everyone’s been told to drop it.

If you don’t care for Opal’s posts, there’s an easy fix for that. If you find it frustrating to answer her questions then don’t answer her questions. There are hordes of people here whose behavior annoys me. I take it into my own hands to make my board experience pleasurable, I don’t demand others accede to my views on how they should behave.

Wah- why be so hard on OpalCat? She’s different now.
Didn’t you read her thread all about it?

Criminy, not another Opal pile-on.

I genuinely don’t get why she is the target of such hostility.

She was blasted good some time back in the buckeye thread (not posting link) where it seemed the main problem people had with her was her very presence.

Opal is an SDMB mainstay and has been here longer than most of us. She provides the board with one of its most distinct voices.

For every perceived annoyance she’s accused of, she’s supplied as much good counsel and meaningful feedback several times over.

Everyone knows about the ignore button but it seems there’s a desire to drive her away from the board. I don’t know what it is about her contribution that rankles some members so.

Yeah, it’s like Opal’s being chased by a pack of some kind of animal.