I pit Pantsuits.

I mean what are they? Creations of the World hampahrodites association? (No idea how thats spelled). I seriously want to place hang a sign on every woman who wears it which saying “Honourary Man”. Sure if you don’t want to wear skirts, please wear something that looks like it was meant for a woman, not something that says “This was my husbands, I shrunk it”.

And yes, your ability to dress shows your work ethic, if you can’t be bothered to make yourself look good, how the hell will you bother over clients?

Speeling counts too!

Yeah and show more tits too!!

It’s spelled “association.”

Pantsuits? They still make those? I don’t think I’ve seen one since the last time I saw a macrame vest.

Try, just try, wearing skirts at work sometime. Make sure you wear pantyhose, too. Panty hose that is unbearably hot in the summer, not really warm enough in the winter, and that will snag every other day, meaning that you have to shell out the bucks for a new pair a couple of times a week. You can’t wear skirts without hose at the workplace, which was one of my main grievances against wearing skirts to work. Look at the price of pantyhose, at least, and remember, you need to get “day sheer”, and you have to get at least midprice brands.

As it happens, I wear skirts exclusively now, but that’s because I pretty much only wear patio/lounge dresses. When I was working outside the home, however, pantsuits were the only available option if I needed to look at least somewhat professional and didn’t want to wear a skirt.

If you don’t like pantsuits, what do you suggest that women wear if they don’t like skirts?

Yes, they’re called “suits with pants instead of a skirt”. What’s wrong with that? I have several very nicely tailored ones. They don’t make me look like a man at all (or even a hermaphrodite. I think.)

My guess is he’s thinking of something along the lines of a Hooters uniform. Seriously though, Mencia, where’s your mind at?

Also, if wearing a pantsuit makes you look like a man, my guess is the pantsuit is the least of your problems.

I would love to have a life so peaceful and serene that I have to complain about what other people wear to stir up some excitement.

AK84, 1964 called, they want you back.

I wear skirts, mostly. Still, I have several suits that have pants instead of skirts. They look plenty feminine, even though they are conservative. Wearing pants is not a sign of bad grooming and they can certainly look “nice” and not the least bit masculine. You have a very, very, outdated stick up your butt that needs to be surgically removed.

Are you pitting women wearing blazers with pants in general or just ugly, tacky work clothes in general? Cause I would totally wear stuff like this:


But if you mean those outdated, shoulder padded, rough fabric kind of ones in weird colors (red, dark green, purple) with cheap gold buttons and a weird cut kind of pants suits you normally see on grandma, that’s a different story. Those are ugly. But I don’t think that’s what you mean.

But there is absolutely no reason why a woman cannot look good in pants and a jacket. I’m not in the office world but I’ve seen plenty of people who are - people tend to dress kind of unfashionably (men included, I’ve seen lots of ugly suits and ties, ugly is more prevalent than not ugly). Maybe they don’t care, don’t know, can’t afford new stuff. Or they don’t give a shit if you think they look good.

You try wearing a skirt. Sometimes it’s just not comfortable. And hose are evil. So I’m wearing pants, get over it.

Ah, OK. I think I was confusing them with jumpsuits. What were the one-piece abominations called?


I once seriously considered wearing kilts, for comfort as much as anything. Then I realized that I probably couldn’t pull it off without looking like a complete dork, so I dropped that idea.

Plus they’re way too expensive. Expensive + shouldn’t wear underwear with them + can never be cleaned + I’d look like a dork = Nuh uh.

I have a several quite stylish Tahari suits, all of which at least have the option of pants, and none of which make me look like a man. But thanks for being a sexist prick who thinks he’s the arbiter of what I may or may not wear based on the equipment between my legs.

Jumpsuits, although that one doesn’t look too bad. I remember them from the 70s and I always thought that they looked awful. And you’d have to strip to half naked just to go to the bathroom.

I had assumed this was a zombie thread.

So you’ve never expressed general disgust at the idea of men in Speedos or suchlike?

I had an hot teacher in high school who would often wear pantsuits. You’d think she was dressed conservatively, but the pants were really flimsy so you could see her ass like there was almost nothing there.

And some of us need to be able to go out on to the production floor at a moment’s notice, which means no skirts, no open-toed shoes, and (gasp!) no makeup or jewelry.

Sorry, bub, there’s more to being a woman than dressing girly.