I pit Pantsuits.

How would a nicely tailored conservative suit not look good?

Look where I work, grown men dress something like this but its the principal of the thing. I have yet to see a really stylish pantsuit, one that actually looks good on a real woman, as opposed to a model in a catalouge. And if you want me not to be sexist and to rail against power or leisure suits, sure do, pinstripe three piece all the way baby!

When you are can speak five languages, no they don’t. :wink:

From 1981?

Women’s workplace clothing is a classic case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. There is just so much room to err. Try to blend in by wearing ‘masculine’ suits and come off as too butch or trying to ‘pass.’ Wear skirts and jackets, maybe you’re showing too much leg or get called in for being inappropriate, especially if you have breasts you can’t hide or wear the wrong type of shirt under your blazer. Get a few classic, well-fitting suits and in a few years you’re unfashionably retro (okay, that one men can get, too, though personally I don’t think slim fit dark suits and skinny ties ever go out of style).

I’m pretty sure the only people interested in seeing men in speedos are women. And maybe ten percent of the male population.

Also, this is a bit different since the OP’s complaint seemed to be aimed at the supposed androgyny inherent in such pantsuits. A lot of words come to mind when I think of speedos, androgynous is definitely not one of them.



Thank God. No really, thank you God!

Which are, what, Moron, Asshole, Misogynist, Stupidity and Troll?

1.) There’s a difference between expressing a personal taste in fashion and saying “any person of Gender A who wears clothing that traditionally was reserved for Gender B is a disgusting hermaphrodite and they should stop doing it.”

2.) I think men are perfectly entitled to wear Speedos anywhere that women could wear bikinis.

You pay to have it tailored and I’ll wear it in a heartbeat.

Wow. Just…Wow. I only have pantsuits because I really don’t feel professional and put together in a skirt, no matter how “nice” the skirt is. And my workplace is pretty formal. Plus theres the fact that my calves are about ten times as large as they should be if they were proportional to the rest of me and I really don’t like having any of my legs uncovered. It distracts me and makes me self conscious. I really didn’t think this was an issue. I look horrible in skirts, skirts make me feel out of place and weird, I look good and feel professional in pants, therefore I wear pantsuits.

Better those, than idiot, imbecile, ignoramaus, inane, confused, “did-not-get-the-damn-point” all of which you seem to display remarkable fluancy in.

Kudos to you, on trying to look professional, I really wish more people had that ethic. I still think that Pantsuits look bad. You should have seen the one I had lunch with today;:eek:

Thank you BoBettie, I do not know what came over me, but I had forgotten that.

AK84, you seem not to have an issue with pantsuits so much as poorly tailored or chosen clothes. Go pit the fashion industry for making shit that doesn’t fit anyone, or women who don’t know how to dress to flatter their body type. Making it about pants vs. skirts just makes you a sexist asshole.

Oh, and I’ll be awaiting your private message with details as to where I should send my measurements to have the three-piece suit made that you’ll be paying for.

I fully endorse Santa Claus to replace David Souter on the Supreme Court. :wink:

Thats the High Court, the House of Lords wears normal business suits unfortunatly. So Santa will have dress down.

Read the OP again, I never said it was pant v skirts, just against the abomination unto God that is known as pantsuits.

“Wearing a suit with pants” vs. “wearing a suit with a skirt.” Same difference.