I pit Pantsuits.

Wait, what? Pants are more comfortable in the hot summer than a skirt/hose? This thread makes me glad my suit-wearing days are over (especially the ones in DC!).

So Im still a little confused about what “pantsuits” you are finding to be unacceptable.

The following link should (I hope, I hate flickr) go to the only picture of me in a pantsuit I could find, though I no longer wear that one, as I gained enough weight for it to be uncomfortable (and to be honest, I was almost there in that picture)


Im not sure I could be mistaken for male in that.

How do you reckon you’d look if you left it on?

You look perfectly cute to me.

Girl are you standing at work on that dirty floor with no shoes on?

Ha, no- that would be the apartment I was staying in at the time

The one side effect of this thread- I’m loving all the pantsuit pictures…
Haven’t seen a bad one yet from the models OR the Dopers. :smiley:
You should pit more women’s clothing, AK!

In my (male) opinion, the bad rep of pantsuits probably comes from the fact that most women who wear them could probably choose something else that would look a million times better but still be perfectly businesslike and professional. There are dress-suits for women, and pantsuits seem to hark back to a time when women literally did have to wear pants to be taken seriously in a business or professional setting.

OTOH I can understand that there may be issues of personal comfort and convenience here; a pantsuit means no need to bother with pantyhose (if required by a dress code), and it may be more comfortable in over-airconditioned spaces. Here again, YMMV, but in general I believe people can adjust to the ambient temperature by adding or removing sweaters or jackets without necessarily having to wear (long) pants. On early spring or late fall evenings here in California I see women in short shorts and sweatshirts all the time, not to mention the millions of young guys who don’t seem to own any other pants than shorts, but layer their upper bodies during the cool months.

Guilty as charged.:frowning:

Quality over quantity, honey.

I rarely wear skirt suits because 1) it’s cold at work! and 2) they’re too formal. When I do wear one everybody knows I was just at a job interview.

Can I make a shout out for a monokini from Victorias Secret, with a mini sarong wrap around ?



Would the hempahrodites be wearing the monokini’s or some other various of female sexuality that has yet to be given a speeling classification?

Don’t be gelous beekause you cant speek five langwages

Well you’ve clearly never seen me in this.

I was certainly more comfortable in pants, if I didn’t have to wear nylon hose. Part of this, of course, was because I had to be ready to climb up on something, or move something, or do something that would not have been modest in a skirt. As I mentioned before, too, I was always snagging my hose on something, requiring me to buy a new pair. I kept a pair in my workplace, too, in case of serious snags.

A skirt is cooler to wear IF no hose is involved. However, skirts just don’t look professional if pantyhose (or hose with garter belts, or thigh highs) are not worn with them. Nasty, nasty pantyhose.

I’m curious as to what, exactly, the OP thinks that women SHOULD wear in a professional setting? I want pics, not just names.

Until you have actually tried to get anything done in a skirt, the accompanying hosiery, and shoes, for at least one entire work week, I don’t think you have any basis to evaluate. Temperature really is the least of it. Have you ever had to pick anything up from the floor of your office? The only type of skirt that allows that to be done gracefully is long and flowing. Have you ever had to carry stuff up or downstairs, maybe in something of a hurry? Try that in a long, flowing skirt. So hope you don’t have to do those particular tasks on the same day. Do you know what percentage of the time nylons run in the course of a 10 hour day? Bare legs, while potentially hawt up until maybe age 40, are pretty much never seen as professional.

It’s not a coincidence that the kind of clothes women need to wear to accomplish the tasks of their workday are about the same as the kind of clothes men need to wear.

If you want to see women in skirts and dresses, maybe the women in y’all’s personal lives are up for a night out on the town.

In my personal experience, nylons will run at least once for each 20 hours of wearing. Could be more often.

Female hosiery is a gigantic scam, IMO.

Around here, professional women don’t wear skirts anymore, except in Summer or in court if the judge so requires. Wearing a skirt or dress automatically marks a woman as ‘support staff’.

I cannot remember the last time I saw a skirt suit anywhere but on the rack. Wait, yes, I can; it was in Utah.

Five and a half, if you count English!