I pit people who get PISSY! about SDMB games!

Hal, some things just aren’t to joke about.

Have you SEEN Harry’s Law?!

What has Kathy Bates ever done to you?

Gods, but where do I start? In my earliest memories I’m a few months old, and above me she is hovering, naked, like in her At Play in the Fields of the Lord nude scene but wearing a Barry Goldwater mask, and it’s only escalated since those times.

Yeah, but you still want her to have sex with etv78? Really?

I hereby declare this to be the stupidest pit ever.

What exactly is up with the OPs habit of putting certain words in all caps? He’s been doing it more and more lately, and it really gives me the impression that he’s constantly frothing at the mouth with uncontrollable rage. Which maybe he is. But over this? Lame.

I assumed it was a Mad Lib.

I assumed he was harboring secret desires for DORRANCE STEEL 2X PROSTHETIC LIMBS.

The OP reminded me of one of my favorite “Bloom County” strips.

Verbatim. :slight_smile:

The only redeeming feature of this is that by creating this thread, etv78 is, in fact, getting PISSY! about SDMB games.

That would be at least ten times awesomer than what the OP writes.

I had no idea what I was missing out on in the game room. I pictured it as Candy Land, when it’s really Trouble.

Oh man, you do not want to be near it when it’s Uncle Wiggily’s.

I just noticed in the OP all of the words in caps are: Reaming Asshole Grow a fucking pair Fucking.

It’s like the title of some perverse self-help video.

Or 90% of the spam in my inbox.

Or 90% of my PMs here.

Seriously, what a stupid thing to get upset about. Why would you want to fuck up someone’s game? etv, you should start your own game just like the other one with alternate rules.

Yes, but only because I keep forwarding all my spam to you.

etv78 seems to have had his/her switch recently flipped to “asshole”. I’ve never noticed the name before, but recently it’s been posted above enough douchebaggy posts that I’ve begun to recognize it. A few examples that I could easily find off the top of my head:

Teachers teaching in Canada shouldn’t have to be aware of how things are spelled in Canada, and anyone who thinks they should is a communist, or something.

If you went to the Alamo and didn’t love it, you’re a spoiled brat.

If you don’t love Boston, apparently you’re some sort of NEW YORKER!

As a regular of the Game Room, I’m glad he’s turned his attentions on being an idiot poster in non-sports related threads. For a while there, he was starting 5-10 threads a day that could be easily searched. Sort of a sports-interested ralph124c.

Also - don’t expect him to return to this thread. Once things stop going his way, he tucks his tail and disappears.

I think I’m one of the people the OP is upset with. I’m not positive because it wasn’t that big a deal. Idle Thoughts started a game thread and a number of us have been posting in it. The basic idea was that you take previous posts and add one more to the list.

Etv was posting but with a minor difference. When he reposted what other people had posted he “fixed” their posts. This was annoying because in several cases he fixed things which weren’t broken - changing the spelling on words that weren’t misspelled and adding his own ideas of how things should be capitalized or punctuated.

Several of us asked him to stop making alterations. He continued. So apparently some other people contacted the mods and/or sent him PM’s.