I pit people who get PISSY! about SDMB games!

Now you’ve got me reading through that thread looking for examples. I’ve invented a new drinking game.

Isn’t he the one who Pitted people for not enjoying team-building exercises, because if you don’t find them fun, you’re an anti-social dickwagon? Or something like that.

Yes. And if you don’t like them you should just quit and get a job somewhere else. Because that’s a reasonable solution to being kind of annoyed.

He wasn’t “fixing” anything. He was retyping the entire list, because he finds it easier than copy-paste. I’ve always assumed he had some motor difficulties, as he seems to rarely use features that require a mouse. He won’t even bold text, preferring to use capitals.

My guess is that he’s upset at life right now, as it seems to suck for him. And thus he’s lashing out at everyone here when they bug him even slightly. I offer this not as an excuse, but a possible explanation.

People are getting pussy in the game room? Oh man, I’ve been in the WRONG forums.

Well, he’s also the guy who posted a whole thread about “what do you think of me?” Just sayin’.

I thought his disability was waist-down, but I could be wrong.

Seems to be neck-up at this juncture.

That is a reasonable explanation, but if that is the case, is it too much to set aside the haste for a few seconds to ensure a proper and correct response?

Man, is this the wrong crowd to do that with…

Hang on - I just saw the thread title again, and it occurred to me - isn’t there a rule against Pitting yourself?

No, it was all up in, like, MPSIMS and everybody was nice. Not doing him any favors, IMHO, but I was too nice to say that.

I’ve gotten a blister from my Xbox controller… does that count?

Holy shit! That takes me back. I wonder if that crazy bitch ever cut off her arms.

I’ve wondered that too. And I’ve wondered how many Dopers nowadays even get the reference. It’s sure not as popular as some SDMB memes.

[Announcer-Type Guy]Dorrance Hooks. Because self-mutilation deserves the very best.[/A-TG]

I don’t get it, and I’m a meme whore.

Man, all the fun stuff happens when I stop playing for a couple of days. :frowning:

There was some crazy on the internet back in the day who desired to cut off her own arms so that she could be outfitted with prosthetic limbs. She had a website that discussed this at length - and she would go on and on about her desire/fetish/infatuation with “TWIN BODY-POWERED PROSTHESES WITH DORRANCE #5X STAINLESS STEEL HOOKS”.

There were a number of threads about it - you can jump down the rabbit hole here.

And since the lady’s original website was on GeoCities - is there any way to access it? I know someone made the whole kit and kaboodle available as a 1TB .zip recently.

Indeed. Congrats to the OP.

A few references online:

Here (scroll down to the comments)


And here’s her website, via the waybackmachine.
So you can find references online.