I pit people who get PISSY! about SDMB games!

I just got a message from someone REAMING me out for “changing” a category in the Game Room! Now, if I was adding an invalid answer, I could get it. But this person is just being an ASSHOLE! He need to GROW A FUCKING PAIR and pick his FUCKING battles!

Why don’t you grow a fucking pair and deal with this via PM?

I’m attempting to do so, JERK!

What happens in PM should stay in PM.

  1. Some people take their games very seriously. Those type of people take the fun out of the game for me, and I tend to ignore them.

  2. If someone wants to be an ass to me in PM, they best be prepared to be outed. Fortunately, it hasn’t happened yet.

Then why start a pit thread? Some unknown person is allegedly being mean to you. In private. Either out the guy, post the PM, and let us judge it accordingly, or keep it to yourself.

I’ve sent PM’s to the thread starters in the games I participitate in.

Sorry if you can’t do a simple thing like Copy and Paste…if you can’t follow very simple rules, maybe you shouldn’t play the game.
All the game requires you to do is to copy and paste the last list posted. Not take anything out, not add anything in, just do a simple copy and paste job.
I don’t understand what’s hard about that, but apparently it’s extremely hard for you.

What does that have to do with the guy you claim sent you an abusive PM? Either internet fight with the guy, preferably privately, or put him on ignore.

So who was it? I need to know who I’m supposed to be hating here.

This game is hard.

Read your PM, and your (and apparantly everyone else’s) is that I LEAVE off the title of the list! HORRORS! I find just reading/copying the previous post in a list easier YMMV. I’ll avoid your games from now on, HAPPY!

So it was Idle Thoughts. Now I can properly get my hate on.

Some Pit threads make me envy the people who start them, because I wish my life were so empty of stress that I could get around to being pissed off at this level of annoyance.

What will it take for this to be featured on Threadspotting?

I had no idea that people took forum spamming so seriously.

You failed. Dragging PM drama to the Pit in such a cowardly fucking way is pathetic. It is, however, par for the course for you. Don’t lob terms like “grow a pair” around when you’re being such a little pussy.

Like I said in the PM, all you have to do is copy and paste the last list. That’s not hard.
For everyone else, so they know what this petty (and retarded) pit thread is about:
It started here, apparently. Someone added “Dolores Claiborne” to a list. Etv (for some reason) changed the spelling in the next post to “Dolores Clairborne” (which is spelled wrong).
I didn’t even notice until it was bought to my attention by other players of that game who PMed me, getting annoyed with etv always making changes to the lists when he reposts them–adding things, changing spellings, changing list titles (which is a regular thing, it seems).

So I made this post, in-game, to him.
Anyway, I’m getting PMs from people complaining he’s still doing it. Why they’re coming to me when they could just report the most to, y’know, an actual mod, I don’t know…but I guess the reason was that the mod can’t take action unless the game maker asks.

Anyway, rather than saying something in the game this time, I took it to PM. I calmly explained to etv how to use the copy and paste feature (both manually and the shortcut way). I also said any future complaints I’d just take up with a mod.

How this was abusive, I have no idea.

Etv, as far as I know your MIND isn’t actually disabled, so what’s so hard about using the Copy and Paste feature? It’s a very simple game with very simple rules, so if it causes this much seriousness and drama for you, feel free to avoid them, yes.

Okay, Trollie McTrollerson, I’m behind this. When you first began changing the format, I politely asked that you refrain, as you did it every single time that you posted in the thread. Your response was, essentially, “too bad, get over it, it’s not a big deal”. Other game players came to my side of the argument, requesting that you leave the formatting consistent (all that’s required is a cut and paste). You disappeared for a while, and upon returning, continued to alter the previous posts. Each time that you did this I reported the posts to a mod, and after the 4th reported post, I was finally informed that they couldn’t do anything, that it was up to whoever was running the game to enforce any rules within the game.
Is it really too fucking difficult for you to cut and paste? Or to use the quote function and erase what isn’t needed? You are the only poster in the game that can’t do this. Why?

I would think that they probably are, yes.

After weighing the evidence before us, the court finds etv78 guilty of second-degree Game Jerkitude and first degree Lame Pitting, and is hereby sentenced to sleep with Kathy Bates.